The key to other dimensions- For Source players only

I would like to welcome you to this short video. If you are interested, it will point to an even longer movie.

There is one earth, multiple dimensions or game planes, but there are billions of worlds. Each game character in whatever dimension is playing the game at, has his /her own world attuned to him/her. Individual scripts determine what game stage, dimension, and world a game character has to start the game with. Thereafter once the game starts every source player is on his/her own. Why not soulless ones? Soulless ones as well as Source players with locked scripts, are taken care of the matrix itself. The only difference between Soulless ones as well as Source player, is that for the matrix to take care of source players with locked scripts in charge, it has to use their own energy. And it is that very energy that is used to keep soulless ones on a life support as well as keeping the matrix running.

The matrix game of life is a virtual game taking place on a virtual planet called planet Earth. Every game character is shaping and living his/her world in every now moment. Shaping and living the world is determined by what dimension a character is playing the game in.

There is virtual copy of each game character in each dimension, all copies /versions of every game character look exactly the same.

When it comes to moving through dimensions, only consciousness moves from one version “Body” to another version “Body” in another dimension. The only differences between dimensions are types of experiences a game character has to live and set of choices available to a game character to choose from.

This does not make sense to people who identify themselves as being their physical bodies. And it definitely doesn’t to soulless ones. It is hard to believe that every Source player has hundreds of virtual bodies to use in this game of life.


Every now and then, the game character’s consciousness keeps shifting from one dimension to another (from one virtual body to another) without the character being aware,  except when a character is a higher frequency player. 

Every choice a source player makes opens a door to another dimension, either a low or higher frequency dimension or game plane. 

SO, what is the key to moving from one dimension to another? 

Choice, C-H-O-I-C-E.

I would like to invite you to watch the following movie: You can confirm with your Source self if it is beneficial for you.  


-No sexual scene in the movie, no horror, violence, or other low-frequency activities, except alcohol (you can skip such scenes as you like). 

-The movie is free to watch online with ads. 

The link: Other version of you

I wish you all the best. 


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