What is Infinite Source

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Today,  I am going to discuss about what is Infinite Source? When I say Source, what comes to the mind of many people is God/gods, the universe, and many other names depending on the culture or religion in which they grow up. 

I am happy to mention those two terms at the beginning of the post, I would like to say here that the information disclosed on this site is not for or against any religion, culture, belief or path. It is Infinite Source Truth only.

What is Infinite Source?

The source is pure creative energy, conscious creative energy, unbound pure creative energy. Infinity Source simply is, it is hard to explain non-duality terms using duality terms. Infinite Source is powerful creative energy, boundless intelligent creative energy.  It has no beginning or end; it does not have a before or after; an inside or outside; here or there, it simply is! I am sure you have heard those terms before, but they were pointing to something else! 

Infinite Source is one but it has many cells or fractals and those cells have roles to play in Source. You, who is reading this article you are the cell of Infinite Source, and your role is to design games and play them, that is why I term you a player of source/(Source player, due to translation purposes I will be using the term player of Source). The game of life is one example of games that players of Source have designed and are playing now.

Infinite Source is everything

Infinite Source is everything, nothing can exist without Source because everything exists in Source. There is no outside Infinite Source, because Source is everything, what can be outside the only thing that exists? Nothing before or after Infinite Source in time, because there no time in Source. Source is just here and now.

Time and space do not exist in Source, even though they are major components of this mind game. 

Infinite Source is one, it has a central core and many cells, all Source cells are perfectly identical as well as identical to the central core.

Infinite Source and duality/neutrality

As I mentioned above,  Infinite Source simply is, and transcend the duality we can imagine. The duality only exists in this tiny illusionary game of life. It is in this game only, where we can experience duality: high and low, good and bad, male and female, divine and the devil. It is only in this mind game where we can experience feelings and perceive, this does not exist outside of our minds. I intentionally mentioned the term mind because this game of life exists only in our minds, it is really a mind game.

This game of life is a dream state, we are experiencing everything in our minds. Have you ever wondered where your thoughts come from? Who or what give you all those millions of thoughts per minute? Well, this is another post. Our minds are playing a game right now, while our physical bodies are in a sleeping state.

These bodies we can see, touch… are our avatars in the game, just dream images.  All that we are perceiving is a projection of what we believe, what we have been programmed to perceive, that is the only thing we can perceive.

Infinite Source-Source players

As players of Source we created this game and we are now playing it in our minds, and whatever happened or happening is exactly how we designed it, but what is going to happen depends on what we choose today! We can let the game happen like it is, or as we now know who we are, we can deal with our scripts and change our game experiences to make them better! 

There are no feelings in Source, therefore feelings are illusions in our minds just for the purpose of playing this game. We are players of Source, and when we think we are suffering in this game, Infinite Source does not care. why? Because Source knows itself through us, Source knows that suffering is not real, and outside of this dream state/ mind game, we perfectly know that.

Infinite Source is one but fractalized

Infinite Source is one, and we are one in Source, we as players of Source we are one, and we are all Source cells united in Source. When you think about Infinite Source, do not try to apply the term to this game, or try understanding Source through this game of life’s experiences. When you try to understand Infinite Source through life experiences, you will get lost, as you will be misguided by all those challenges, we have created to make this game interesting.

Will you be able to understand better your waking life experiences through your night dreams? Well, Some do, but not you, because you as players of Source, night dreams mean something different.

Truth vs lies

This article was not about to add to your information load but to help you release your information overload. Because the more information you add, the more you strengthen your subconscious beliefs, and the more you make your life harder. At least what can be beneficial to you, is to start, releasing the beliefs that do not work for you.

You as players of Source you do not need tones of information, because all of those are extra to you. The only thing you need is to know who really is, which does not require you to do 20 players a day, 10 meditations day, or any other thing like that, that is good news for you, right?

Infinite Source-what source players need

The only thing you need as a player of Source is to know that you are playing a game and start playing the game by rules of the game (another article). When you play by the rules of the game, your frequency starts to raise, as you no longer waste your energy.

And once your frequency raises significantly, you reach the step where you can unlock your script and be able to be the creator of your life experiences, before that stage, you are following lines of your locked script. Infinite Source is here experiencing the game with us but does not share with us the duality mindset, because it is not conceivable for Infinite Source. Duality is for the mind, feelings are for the mind, perceptions are for the mind. Duality does not exist in Source because Source is all, pure, infinite, that is who we are. In Source we are free.

Thank you for reading.

I will see you in the next post.


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