How The Matrix Was Created

Why the matrix game was created?

The matrix game is a 3D virtual game created by Source as Source is everything. Nothing else exists other than Source. Source as one with fractals, they joined their energies together to create the physical realm.  

After a while of playing in the physical realm, Source one with Players of Source, they decided to go one level deeper, then they created the matrix within a matrix, a game within a game. which is the matrix game we live in.

The matrix game run by AI

An Administration system was installed, an artificial intelligence administrator was established, and other beings created by Source have been assigned to manage the game.

Source allowed fractals to enter the game,  and then the game was sealed.  In this matrix game, For the purpose of the game, players were required to be in a sleeping state. Players of Source went to sleep, hooked to the game, then the game started. The matrix game was started by the big bang. That is when time and space started to take place, duality and perceptions started to exist.

How the matrix game is designed

The universal stage has been created; individual stages have been designed in each player’s script. In order to enter the universal stage, prayers of Source had to sign a contract with the matrix administrator.

The matrix game is a mind game, a kingdom of duality.  in order to enter the universal stage each player of Source had to be split into two, male and female. Our real physical body in the physical realm are double-headed bodies.
Here I would like to mention that,  duality exists only in the matrix game of life,  only in our minds.  Duality exists neither in the physical realm nor in Source.
The matrix game of life is governed by time, but time exists in this game,  there is no time in Source.

How to play the matrix game -life

Other than the universal stage, every player of Source has his/her individual stage to play in.  Each player of Source has his or her own script to play.  And every player’s script or life must be played over and over until is unlocked. To unlock the script for a player of Source it requires to remove animal fresh in her or his diet, it is not food for players of Source.

After unlocking the script, the player can now create his or her own script, where a player will be able to create the life of her or his choice. Then the player can be a conscious creator, later on, to be able to exit the matrix or win the game.

Reincarnations in the matrix game

Every player of the source keeps repeating his or her script until he or she managed to exit the game. Players of Source play their scripts on different stages and different lifetimes.  All lifetimes are being played now and here,  past present and future lives are being played now.

Depending on the energy a  player of Source had in his or her main energy reserve tank,  he or she decided how many lifetimes to live and how many stages to play on.  Everything is happening now, but of course,  you are a way of one timeline at a time,  this is how the rule of the game is set.

Is the matrix game real?

This game is pretty much like a movie Sketch Book,  everything that is being played in The Script is already written. All events to happen have been already documented.  All prayers of Source are required to play their scripts until their frequency is high enough to unlock their script so that they can be creative creators. Players of Source reviewed the script before they entered the game,  they confirmed it, then they went to sleep,  and the script started to be fed into their mind by The matrix control center.

The matrix game is just data

The matrix game of life Is nothing else than a stream of data in a form of thoughts, that that is being fed to the player’s mind. The player’s mind has the capacity to interpret data fed by the matrix as 3D experiences. Everything is only happening in your mind.  There is no such thing as the physical world, only in your mind.  The body you see, and you can touch, is just an avatar that the player of Source is using to play the game.  You are not that avatar.

Every script or a lifetime is a chance to play the game and to win It.  When you fail in one lifetime you are recycled through reincarnation and your mind is wiped so that you do not remember anything that happened during your previous lifetime. Every lifetime you start your new life at ground zero.

Matrix game power supply.

That entire system is kept running by the energy harvested from players of Source only, from their emotions, actually, emotion means energy in motion.
Players of Source are the ones who created this game and they are the ones who keeps this game running.

Other than the physical body sleeping in the physical realm, players of Source have other game pieces: emotional body, conscious body, sub-conscience body, and the Infinite Source Fractal that is empowering everything.
All game pieces are interconnected together by a soul, a soul is a means that makes this game possible by connecting to this avatar, hence it is a part of this game.  Players of Source are the only characters on stage that have a soul.

Players of the source are the main characters on the stage, but they are not the only ones on stage. There are non-players characters on stage, such as soulless beings and another type of entities. Players of Source are in this game to experience their creativity in the physicality of their own universes, to remember who they are, then connect to their Source Self and escape the game.  

Exiting the matrix game

The matrix game of life is played into different frequency planes, but The Source fractal exists only on frequent planes 5 through 11.  To get connected to your Source Self you need to raise your frequency up to the frequency level five, where you can also unlock your script.

When you get connected to your Source Self,  you will receive the knowing from Source, It is that knowing alone that will guide you on how to play the game until you exit the game. Death is not the exit of the game,  death is the other side of the matrix game of life.  This is a duality game, it has both sides, life side, and death side.  You can only exit the matrix from the life side of the matrix because it is where you have full control. 

So, play to win!

Thank you for reading,

I will see you in the post.

all the best!



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