Source Self fractal: Frequency body: part 1


This life is a mind game, an illusionary game happening in your Source Self  Fractal mind. This is  3D virtual reality. It is a dream-like game or a matrix game of life. This is a total immersion game, which makes it hard to grasp. 

If you have a strong connection to your Source Self fractal, then it will not be hard for you to realize that something is not right around you. With that, you will start to question things, and you will start noticing things are not what they use to be.


Before we jump into details about frequency bodies or game pieces, I would like to briefly talk about The Soul. The soul is the container of you, as the Source Self fractal. In order to enter the game, you were required to be hosted in a cage, a golden cage of DNA. 

The soul is a contract that binds you, a contract that holds all clauses that you signed before you came into this game. It is the soul is that makes this game possible, it contains your Source fractal, it joins all game pieces, and it connects all game pieces to this avatar in the game.


The Source Self fractal is you; it is the real you. It is you as a Source player who is experiencing this game housed in that soul which is a golden cage of DNA. 

That “soul cage” keeps you inside this virtual reality game and makes it possible to experience all that this matrix has to offer. Consequently, challenging you in your self-discovery journey.

As you know, we created this game as a challenge and a way to have experiences for all of Source to experience with us. The fractal is free-flowing energy pretty much like Source. Therefore, to be able to experience this dream state, we need several other game pieces, and that is the topic of this presentation. Your Source Self fractal is your main game piece which is who you really are in Source.


Our main goal in this game is to attune our other game pieces to the Source Self Fractal. This Source Self connection gives us access to the Source Truth, Wisdom, and Knowledge, the only guidance we ever need in this game. The Source Self fractal exists at frequency level 5 through 11. It does not exist at frequency level 4 or lower.

At a lower frequency level, a Source player can not have a Source self-connection, and for that, a Source player keeps draining the reserve tank. When a Source player consumes animal flesh he or she can not have a Source self-connection.

Every time a Source player consumes animal flesh, there a tremendous loss of energy from her or his reserve tank. That keeps a Source player in a low frequency where the Source fractal does not exist.


Your Source Self fractal is connected to the avatar body through the pineal gland. The Source Self fractal knows who we really are and is willing to guide us in this game when we choose to re-establish the connection.

Without that connection a Source player in this game remains unsatisfied, it does not matter what kind of lifestyle he or she is living. With that Source self-connection, A Source player regains empowerment, and start living the best life yet no matter what life condition.

Source player with strong infinite Source Self-connection lives in higher frequency planes, where low-frequency activities do not dwell. A source player with a stronger Source Self-connection start to comprehend what this game is about, hence start to navigate the game with contentment and happiness


Source players in lower frequency planes are not different from soulless ones, since they are disconnected from their Source Self they are, thus this information will sound nonsense to them.

To get connected to your Source Self, you need to stop eating meat for at least 30 days. That is the starting point.

Your Source Self is you, but you think that you are something else. You are not that avatar body-mind or ego as you have been programmed to believe. The real you is trying to get your attention even in this very presentation. It will not force you; you will have to take that decision yourself. The choice is yours.

Thank you for your time

I will see you in next time.

All the best!



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