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Life is a Source player’s journey in this mind game called the matrix game of life. The matrix game of life is a mind game for Source players to experience the illusional world for the whole of Source to experience with them. The whole system runs on energies harvested from Source players. If all Source players would be able to retain their energies, the matrix would fall apart, short of energy to keep running. And because of that, the game would have been won earlier. Unfortunately, that is not the case, Source players have enjoyed so much the illusional experiences and by that, they keep feeding the matrix.

Source player's journey-Matrix game of life and source players' energy

Source players are fractals of Source; therefore, they are Source. Source is pure boundless energy. In Source, Source players have no beginning or end. Source players are free-flowing energy, creative conscious energy. The matrix game of life is an electrical system empowered by Source players. The matrix game of life runs in the minds of Source players. Without Source players to empower the matrix, The matrix would shut down due to the lack of energy supply.

 The matrix is designed to run on Source players’ energy. If the matrix can get more than enough energy from Source players, Source players would have been dissolved in the matrix and the matrix would run endlessly. That is pretty much the reason behind reincarnation and Soul traps.

If Source players would have retained their energy, the matrix would have run short of energy and have been closed.

The matrix knows that is dealing with powerful Source players. As you know, this is a game of high-performance Source players. So, for the matrix to survive needs (and it is allowed) to use all means (tricks and traps) to get the energy that is required to run the system. To know more about Matrix traps and tricks please refer to my previous video here.

Source player's journey-How the matrix deals with source players reserve tank

The reserve tank of a Source player is an overall energy tank during a lifetime. For the matrix to run, it makes sure to harvest energy from Source player’s reserve tank. To do that, the matrix uses all means to keep Source players away from the truth. For example, when Source players are not aware of the daily energy retrieval, the matrix harvests all that energy.


When a Source player does not know how to add to the reserve tank, the reserve tank gets lower every single day. That affects the frequency level of A source player, which in return affects game experiences of a Source player keeping a Source player stuck in the low-frequency planes. Thus when Source players live in the low-frequency planes, they feed much energy to the matrix.


The matrix will make sure Source players are not aware of the matrix rules. By that, Source players consent in each and every turn on the way, feeding a tremendous amount of energy to the matrix.


Once a source player performs an activity not covered in daily supply, the matrix automatically charges the reserve tank. This also happens when Source players participate in low-frequency activities, activities that are against the rules of the game. If you are inclined to retain your energy and raise your frequency in this game, here is what to do:

Source player's journey-How A Source Player Can Retain Energy

The matrix game experience is administered on a daily basis. A source player receives energy to use in the now day. That energy supply is to be used on basic activities to make the whole-body function, such as senses, body systems, organs, and more. That energy is retrievable at the end of the day because it is spent on the basic activities that make the game running.

A source player can retrieve that energy with intent by rewinding the whole day activities bringing back the energy used in those specific activities. Remember to clean the energy you bring back within you. If you can retrieve all retrievable energies, it can be a tremendous boost to your reserve tank. The energy you retrieve back within you it is added to your reserve tank, bringing up the reserve tank level.

Source player's journey-Play by rules

This is inevitable, if you are a Source player, and you are in this game, there is no other way around, you must play by the rules of this game. To learn more about the rules of the game watch this video. It is worth to emphasize the following: Stop consuming all kinds of animal flesh. Each time you consume animal fresh you are charged a full day energy supply from your reserve tank. You can imagine what amount of energy has been giving away to the matrix, and how much energy you are losing from your reserve tank.

Your reserve tank is you and it determines the quality of your life experiences as well as your date of expiration/death. So, every time you consume animals you are worsening your life experiences and accelerating your expiration. Is that what you want? Other rules you must respect as a Source player are: No Orgasm, living in the now, No drugs, and no alcohol. Etc

Source player's journey-Retrieving daily energy

Your daily basis life experiences are covered in your daily energy supply. It is your right to know that you must retrieve that energy. By reclaiming back that energy, it is automatically added to your reserve tank. To practice this will boost your reserve tank. Instead of draining your reserve tank by eating meat and participating in lower frequency activities, you are adding energy to your reserve tank. By doing that you are improving the potential of having better life experiences and you are extending your expiration.

Other than retrieving daily used energy, the following are some other ways you can add to your reserve tank.

Source player's journey-Adding to the reserve tank

Natural easy way

There are many ways Source players can naturally add up the energy to their reserve tank, practices like Sungazing, Grounding, Pranayama, and Tree hugging are easy and accessible ways Source players can use to top up their reserve tank. Other than the following are other ways Source players can use to save their energy.

Positive emotions

Positive emotions like happiness, contentment, love, joy, etc. can help you to top up your reserve tank. Every time your emotional body is activated, it means that the matrix is draining the energy out of your reserve tank. Energies drained during a happy state of being are stored in the happy storage. 

Energies stored in the happy storage are automatically deposited to your reserve tank at the end of the day. But at the end of the day, the matrix harvests energies stored in unhappy storage. Those are lost forever. Remember, this is a mind game, you can choose to be happy and content, therefore keep your energy for yourself.

Helping Other Source players

Assisting other Source players is of the highest frequency. As Source players we are all one in Source. Hence, when you assist a Source player you are assisting yourself. It requires a high frequency to grasp that. When you assist Source players with beneficial intentions (like assisting other Source players), you share with them the benefit of their work. You connect to their beneficial intent, and you get the benefit with them, as simple as that!  To raise your frequency, I would suggest you to do something to other Source players, If this is not what you are willing to do, then consider assist those Source players who are doing that, it will give you the same results.

Source Self Connection

When you have a connection to your source self, you can have inner guidance on how to wisely navigate this game. That guidance will help you to step out of low-frequency activities and it will assist you to know what the matrix lies are. I would advise to program and use your pendulum to access Infinite Source truth.

This journey of self-discovery called life is happening within you. It is a journey all Source players should take if they want to leave this game victoriously. Do not worry if you do not do anything, nothing bad is going to happen to you, because you are Source and you created this game. As the creator of this game, you are allowed to do everything, but not everything that you do is beneficial to you. 

So, you can do whatever you like but keep in mind, that it will determine your status in Source. If you do not care about your status in Source, I would advise you to check what matrix programming that makes you think like that. If that programming is not dug and removed, it will hold you down.

Your Moving forward movement

As a Source player, you should keep close attention to your energy and your Source self-connection. You should make sure you keep moving forward. Once you have started climbing the frequency ladder, you will be able to spot when you have stopped your moving forward movement. Please resume your forward move before you get caught again in the matrix programming and addictions.

You as a Source player, who has been on the journey for a while you know how it feels when you are connected to your Source self, or when you are in higher frequency levels. When you find out that you feel different you can confirm with your Source Self using your pendulum. 

If you still doubt, I would advise you to take the required steps (discussed above) for a while. In that case, you will add to your reserve tank, raise your frequency and you will be back to your previous frequency level, and keep climbing.  The journey is not easy to take, it requires strength of mind and discipline. Every Source player in this game if he/she wants he/she can, but the intent has to be there.

Watch your weaknesses

You will benefit from watching what is pulling you down. The matrix knows what attracts you the most. It will carry out from there and overwhelm you with tones of thought and traps.  Those thoughts will pull you in the direction that will drain your energy and keep you in the lower frequency planes. To avoid that, watch what matrix thought feeds that often come to your mind. Ask if the activity is a scripted activity. I f your find that it is, then you must use your focused intent to cut all related attachments. To remove any related subconscious programming is highly recommended. And finally, refrain yourself from doing that activity. When you do that to everything that holds you down, you will see your frequency rising like never before.

Thank you for your time reading this post!

I will see you soon!

All the best!

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