Death And Fear Of Death Vs Suicide And Willing To Exit The Game

Soulless ones and power

As I mentioned in my previous post, birth or death do not mean anything much to Source players even thought it is a big deal for Soulless ones. Death is just the end of a life script. Birth and death are written in the soul contracts of every Source player. All records of all your birth and death dates, for all your cloned bodies, in all timelines and stages. All are written in your Soul contracts, and you signed that contract before the game was started. If you do not remember that nothing to worry about, it is the purpose of this game, to remember who you are, and why you are here.

Every lifetime has a specific script to be played out, and its birth and death dates are scripted before the beginning/birth of a lifetime.

Reason to not be afraid of death

Battery drain


  1. Keep in mind that the script you are playing had a beggining and it will have an end sooner or later. According to Universal matrix script, game characters/avatars are mortal.
  1. The end of the script is not the end of you (you do not have an end) it is just an end of a game scenario.
  1. No more soul traps, there was a time where Source players were tricked to return playing the same scripts over and over to prolong the matrix game play time.
  1. You as A source fractal, you can only exit the game when you win it or when the game is closed. Before that time, you will still be in the same place/ in the same Pod, in the physical realm, ****. NO BETTER OR WORSE PLACE TO GO AFTER THE SO-CALLED DEATH. You did not quit your pod, and you will never quit it until you win the game, or the game is closed.
  1. When this matrix game of life will close, you will return to Source, because you are a Source fractal. Win the game or not, high, medium, or low frequency, you will return to Source. There is not other place to go, because source is all that is, indeed you are all that is. Do not forget about the rewards that brought you to this game though.
  1. You do not know when your game script will end, that is how the game is set up.

Instead of living your game in a constant fear of death, live your life as if this day is the last day of your game, do not leave anything unaccomplished today. That is way living in the now is wisdom.

Suicide And Willing To Exit The Game Now

Suicide selfie

If you have ever had that thought in your mind, of course there was a reason. But let’s discuss about it. Aware or not, you are in this game by your consent. Unfortunately, you do not know when the end date of your script is, that is how the game is set up. You put the stamp on it before you entered the game.

If you want to exit the game now by your means, I have bad news for you, you can not succeed, unless it was scripted like that. You can not leave the game before your script is over as planned. Of course, it is your choice to try if it is what you want, but remember everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial for you as a Source player. Do not try to mimic soulless ones.

Reasons to not try abruptly ending your script/life.

Energy levels

As a source player, nothing is bad or good.

I am not trying to judge or criticize those who want to exit the game by their terms, but let me tell you some thing, it will not benefit you.

As discussed in the post about the rules of the matrix game of life, one of major rules of the game is to respect all life.

Failing to do so, will result in a loss of tremendous amount of energy, placing you in the low frequency plane. Is this how you want to conclude your matrix game experiences? Remember this is the last lifetime in the matrix. Think twice, are you happy to exit the game with a nearly empty reserve tank? Is that the reward you want? 

Trying to end your game by your terms, is the same as killing, and killing is a low frequency activity. Every low frequency activity drains your reserve energy. Destroying life is the lowest frequency possible.Killing or consenting to kill, for example eating animal flesh is consenting to killing and that activity will drain your reserve tank as if you killed that animal yourself.

When your energy is drained due to a low frequency activity, there are several practices you can do to top up your reserve tank (discussed in previous posts). The issue of ending your script by your terms with a low frequency activity(suicide)is that, that low frequency level will be your final Grade. Mind your rewards, or at least mind your energy. 

 As a reminder, the intent is everything in this game, if you have ever had those kinds of thoughts, I suggest you cut that underlying attachment. 


All the best to you


*The harvest of spams and eggs happens on the planet Saturn where Physical bodies are. 

*** For example, going to a grill bar

**** Physical bodies that currently host Source players are located on Planet Saturn.

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