Matrix Traps Source Players Should Be Aware Of


Matrix traps-The matrix game of life is a mind game. It is a dream-like game. Source/source players designed the game as a challenging and entertaining game. As a challenge game, it is full of traps, used in this post as Matrix traps. By creating the matrix game of life, Source players have given the chance to themselves to create and experience their own universe within them.

Source players are individually experiencing their games in their minds. Furthermore, For the matrix game to run, it needs energy, and the energy is harvested from game Player-characters. Non-player characters do not generate energy, though the matrix uses them to harvest energy from player-characters.

Before Source players entered the game, they knew they can win the game. The matrix has the right to use all means to collect the necessary energy to run the game. To do that the matrix has to use all kinds of tricks and matrix traps. Without that, Source players would grasp the game and the matrix would end up running short of energy to run the system.

The following are the main traps that Source players will encounter in their Self-discovery journey called life. Note that every Source player’s journey is unique, and the way of dealing with life experience will depend on individual choices.

1.Family-matrix traps.

The inevitable trap that Source players encounter in their lives is family. It is in the family settings where Source players scripts begin. As an over roll agreement, source players agreed to be born to Source players mothers only. Birth is the beginning of Source player’s scripts. In the family trap, Source players are programmed with duality, culture, and societal norms, etc. 

Indeed, In the family trap, Source players start to accumulate limiting programming, and routines. It is in the family trap where Source players are introduced to the act of eating meat and to many other matrix traps. Starting the first time they are fed with meat, their scripts are locked, their Source self-connection starts to fade away and the Matrix starts to exercise power upon them.

Once their scripts are locked, they have declared incapable of ruling themselves, therefore the matrix will take their scripts in charge. Matrix will start now feeding to them their script without negotiations, without saying no. The family is the major matrix trap since it takes care of the major consent in Source players journeys like (eating meat or consenting to kill).

Inevitable matrix trap.

This trap is inevitable, but a Source player parents of high frequency can assist Source player children to smoothly cope with this trap until children are at the age where they can make their own choices. It is in the family trap where Source players get the idea of having their own families later in life. From one trap to another.

All other traps like cultures, traditions, etc. Source players get them through the family settings. This trap let the matrix collect a huge amount of energy when Source players eat meat, experience a wide range of emotions due to conflicts in the family unity or in the surroundings. The family trap helps the matrix for the initial setup of Source player sub-conscience programming.

2.Formal Education-Sciences-Matrix traps.

Every time at a certain age, Source player children have to adopt formal education. At this level, Source players receive all kinds of programming through different sciences, practices, techniques, and technologies. It is at this stage where Source players start to strengthen their egos at an intellectual level. Source players adopt many of their beliefs and paradigms at this stage, making it harder for Source players to have a Source Self connection.

During this trap, the matrix gets a tremendous amount of energy when Source players discover activities like orgasm, judgment, criticism, smoking, drugs, and alcohol. This trap can be controlled as at this stage Source players are fully responsible for their choices.

3. Religion or belief system-matrix traps

Belief systems and/or Religion tend to be harder for Source players to grasp that it may be a trap. But it is the most challenging trap that the matrix has ever presented to Source players. The matrix presents this trap to Source players as the solution to the most sensitive question in their lives, the lack of wholeness. Then the matrix give the Religion to them as a solution that helps them to have a connection. But a connection to what? That is the real question, and it is where things become confusing.

Need of Connection-Matrix traps

For sure, Source players need an Infinite Source Self-connection that will guide them to navigate this game. In fact, it is a deep feeling in every Source player. The matrix got that and twisted it in the connection to the matrix administrator( Demiurge) that is known to many names in many holy books.

Actually, Holy books are the demiurge stories, soliciting Source players to consent. Once you are involved in religion then you agree to get connected to the matrix controller or to the entities behind the religions or belief systems. As a result, you agreed to give your energy away to the matrix.

Getting involved in religion or in belief systems is one thing, subsequently, many other things are engaged. Rituals and ceremonies are consents to something, baptism, marriage, Christmas, to name a few. They are traps to pleading your consent so that the matrix can obtain the right to collect energy from Source players.

4. Relationship-matrix traps.

All types of relationships are traps. Relationships are among the most energy-draining traps. From their childhood, Source players receive programming to get involved in all types of relationships. First of all, relationships are control systems for Source players. The matrix must push Source players into relationships to delay, tie, and drain them.

Relationships aim to influence Source players, leading them away from who they are, Source players will be influenced to make all kind of choices, that they would not have made on their own. In a relationship, Source players will experience all kinds of negative emotions that will drain their energy.

Relationships create problems, and problems are the number one weapon of the matrix to get Source players in the position of feeling powerless therefore giving energy away to the matrix. The matrix loves relationships based on sex, as it is a sustainable source of energy for the matrix.

As a matter of fact, relationships are the main traps of the matrix as It harvests a lot of energy from them through orgasm, negative emotions, and problems. Though, relationships seem to be inevitable, at least the basic ones like dealing with coworkers, business partners, family members, etc.

5. News media and entertainment-matrix traps

News media-Matrix traps

This is the matrix programming channel, it aims to tell us what to believe. This is a comprehensive programming tool for the matrix. News media is the channel where the matrix scripts are being fed to Source players. So, due to a wide range of negative emotions caused by the news media, the matrix harvests a huge amounts of energy from Source players.

Entertainment-matrix traps

Entertainments like Sports, games, music, movies, and shows, etc. They are an easy way for the matrix to get consent from Source players. All those activities are orchestrated by the matrix entities and when Source players become fans, amateurs, supporters, or followers of them, they agree to give away their energy to the matrix.

Can you imagine the amount of energy Source players give away to the matrix during a match for a soccer world cup final game? At that time, the whole world is behind one team or another (one entity or another). The same as during a music concert of X or Y Singer/star, it does not matter if it is a live event or on tv. That act of participating is a consent to the intent of the organizer of that event, and that intent is to harvest energy from source players.


The matrix will not come to Source players and say, “I want energy from you”. No, that is not how it works. Instead, it will look for something that will attract Source players. It will hook attachments on it. Then when Source players agree to that act they have consented to the attachment. Subsequently, the attachment will automatically start draining energy from Source players who have consented.

To sum up, there are many traps. When you play by the rules of the game you will start knowing what a trap is and what is not. Do not believe me or anyone else, you are a Source player, you can know the truth on your own. What we do in sharing Infinite Source Truth is to give the clues on where to start searching for the Truth, and the Truth is within you. Only your Source Self connection will give you access to Infinite Source Truth.

Thank you for your time!

I wish you all the best



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