The background of The matrix game of life-what is going on.

The background of the matrix game of life

What is going on in the background of the matrix game of life? This is the question every Source player may have. this article is all about that. 
So far, we know that the Matrix is a mind game, a dream-like game. At the front end of the game we see the matter, we experience time in space. We go through events of our lives, and essentially, we interact with avatars. But that is just what we can perceive at the front end of the game. So what is going on in the background of the matrix game of life?  

First of all, We know that this is not our body and that we are sleeping somewhere here. So what is happening to our real physical bodies? In which state they are? Well, nothing in the matrix can answer those questions, but you can. Because you are Source and you know everything, especially what concerns you.   

Science, religion,  philosophy,  politics, economy, and education in general there are here to master the front end of the matrix game of life. They are the matrix programs to master the game on one hand and confuse/ challenge players of Source on the other hand.

An entertaining but challenging game.

Yes, you can know the Truth through those programs, but every player of Source should know how things work here. This is an entertainment challenge game; this means that we play the game through entertainment challenges. 

For sure, It is an entertainment game because we seem to live in an amazing world. We can perceive that all around us, you see the beauty of the world and colors and light. You hear wonderful and beautiful sounds,  feel amazing,  you smell fantastic aromas,  isn’t that amazing? But on top of that, it is a challenging game. How?  Because there is no direct access to the Truth  Truth in the game, we need to search, and in that searching journey, we encounter enormous lies and traps. To access the truth, a player of Source needs to go through a long journey, lifetime, and lifetime searching for Truth.

How to access infinite Source Truth

Certainly, we are in this game to remember who we are and connect to our Source self.  It is in the rule of the game that the matrix will put at our disposal the truth when we search for it. But there is no determined way of how the matrix will put out the truth. This is how the game becomes more challenging and yet interesting. The Matrix ends up putting the truth in all kinds of entertainment and challenging programs, which means, in all those programs cited above (science, religion,…).

  There is a little bit of truth hidden in them. But hidden in numerous traps and lies.

Of course, to know the truth, a player of Source is required to go through a number of challenges and traps.  That is the challenging side of the game,  which is not bad. Because as we know, even in this matrix, in the world of games, a very interesting game is the one that is very challenging. And it becomes very interesting when you hit the world record. Which means you have accomplished the most difficult task in that specific game.

Putting the puzzles together.

Indeed, this is something every player of Source should know, we are in an entertainment challenging game. We are here to know the Truth, the truth is hidden in every corner of the matrix. To access the Truth you encounter traps or challenges, and our role in this game is to put the puzzles together. 

Searching for the Truth without falling for lies. My advice here is: do not trust anybody or any information in the matrix game of life without asking your Source Self.  Your Source Self is the only one that has your interest at heart because it is who you are. I would like to discuss a few things before we move on to the topic “the rule of the game”.  And that was a quick overview of the front end of the matrix game of life.

What is happening in The background of the matrix game of life

Surely, what is happening at the back end of the game is pretty interesting. Before we get into details, I would like you to ask your Source Self if this information is for you at this point in time. If your Source Self says no,  I would advise you to wait until you’re ready.

Are you ready?  let’s get into it.
First of all, I’d like to say that these avatars are not us.  these avatars are projected images of physical bodies.  Our physical bodies are sleeping in the physical realm, hooked up to this game to experience it. Furthermore, those bodies are not what we are as well, they are biological machines, that are facilitating this game,  to host our souls. The Soul contains our Source fractals.    Our Source fractal is who we are, and it is really the one that is experiencing this game.

The physical bodies that host our souls are as a rental. They do not belong to us, they belong to entities that manage this game in the background of the matrix game of life. Those matrix entities created our physical bodies, but we created those entities.  As those physical bodies that host our energy belong to them, they can do whatever they want with them. However, as long as we are in those bodies,  our consent is needed before doing anything to them.

The game is in the background of the matrix game of life

Actually, This is a pay-to-play game,  we pay for every experience and everything we do in this game.  What we seem to do here means something different in the back end of the game, and we pay according to the rule set. We agreed to that before we come into the game. We put our stamps to authorize the payments at the time we do any experience in this game. And we pay with our energies, blood, and eggs or spams. We authorized those entities to charge our account every time we experience anything in this game. 

The only thing they need is our final confirmation. And they get that confirmation through our consents.  Each time we consent to do anything, it is like you say to those who run the matrix “I agree, go ahead and charge my account or go ahead and harvest whatever you want”. Aware or not, when you consent, they will charge your account- they will harvest whatever it is from you. Because they have gotten your confirmation, in that case they are legitimate.

3 steps process in the background of the matrix game of life

 As I mentioned earlier,  I found it very important to discuss this before we discuss about the rules of the game. So that you can understand why you should play according to the rules of the game, and what really happens when you play against the rules. Remember, everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial for you as a player of Source.

You can choose to play by the rules   or not, the choice is yours, and what will happen will depend on your choice.  What do you want now? To authorize the harvested or you want to keep your energy?  This is all up to you, and nothing is right or wrong for you Player of Source, remember we are Source, we are neutral.  But in this game, is a big deal, and unfortunately that’s where we have to escape the game from, that’s where the game is.

So, here are three things I want to discuss with you, that happens in the background of the matrix game of life every time you play against the rule of the game.

Brief, to play against the rule of the game is to consent for being harvested of what ever it is.

1.   Trigger》》2. Consent 》》3. Harvest. 


In fact, this is a very simple and straightforward process. The trigger or stimulus or presentation you can call it anyhow you like, it does not matter, what matters here is the meanings of the action. On this step, you are presented with a choice through thoughts, situations, events, sensations. After that, you are required to move to the next step, which is to choose, this choosing step, it can be agreement, accept, not accept, and all other kinds of approvals you may give. you are good when you choose to play by the rule of the game, in trouble when you choose to play against the rule because you will have to pay for it( being harvested) 

To make a choice that is against the rule of the game is not beneficial to you as a player of Source, it is consent to something you are not aware of, then the matrix will go ahead and harvest you.

If you keep in mind this process, it will help you play your game with ease.

Trigger, consent, harvest.

I would like to stop by here, we will discuss the rest in the next post about the rules of the game.

Thank you for your time.

All the best to you.


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