How to set your Source Fractal free


Your Source Self is in this matrix game of life and it is waiting for you to set it free. To set your Source Self free, you must be aware that you are in a game, and nothing around is real. That is the first preliminary step. Without that awareness, you can not do anything else. The second preliminary step is to know that you are here to play and win this matrix game of life. The third is to know that you are Source, this is your game, and that you can win it.

The following are things you must do to set your Source self free.

Raise Your Frequency-Source Self

This is a frequency game, and your frequency is key in this game. You receive game signals depending on your individual frequency level. It is possible to raise your frequency and change your playing field or life experiences in this game.

Play by rules.

This game of life has rules to play it, and Source players must play by rules, otherwise, they will lose the game. Rules of the game are simple but hard to observe for some Source players.

The strictest rule of this game is to respect all life.

Respect all life

No Source player is allowed to destroy any kind and/or size of life for any reason.  Once a Source player does that the cost is immense. What counts a lot here is an intention to kill. It does not matter if it is you who kill or some else killing on your behalf. Unfortunately, all those count as an intention to destroy life. Eating meat is a consent to let others kill for you to eat.  So, in front of this rule, there is no difference between a serial killer and a repetitive meat eater. When you stop eating meat with your intention to obey the rule, you will save a huge amount of energy.

For the rest of the rules of the game check out this post

Removing attachments.

Attachments are energy drainers for the matrix. Each time you play against the rule of the game, you create attachments. Those attachments will keep draining your energy until you cut them out. Common attachments in this game are from black or white magic, religions, spiritual practices, ceremonies, rituals, and conspiracies, Etc.


Mind mastery-source self

This is the game of your Source Self mind. The Mind is everything, in this game as the whole of this game exists in your mind. To control your mind is crucial in this game. When you can master your mind, there is nothing you can not do in this game. Your energy follows your intention. When you stick your intention to beneficial things, you will get far in this game. But When you keep your thoughts in worst-case scenarios, the game will be abrasive to you, because you get what you create with your mind

Reprograming the subconscious-source self

Your Subconscious is king in this game, it makes things happen. It is your subconscious beliefs that shape your reality. We have been programmed since we were children. All those programs are still within us influencing each and every choice we make. Your Source Self is entrapped in tones of programmed lies. You must be willing to let go of all that previous Programming.

In order to set your Source self free. You must Desire TRUTH, even if it goes against all your previous Programming. With that, you will be able to remove all unforgiveness and other types of limiting programmings in your Subconscious.

Unlock Your Script

Our lifetime is a script, we came in this game with scripts to play. And when we started consuming meat, our scripts were locked. This means we shown being incapable of controlling ourselves. And handed our powers to the matrix to do the job for us. From that moment, the matrix controls our minds through a steady stream of thoughts. With a locked script, no thought is our own.

Unlocking your script

To unlock your script, you must stop eating meat for at least 30 days. In that case, you will get to the point where you have enough energy in your reserve tank. You will reach the frequency level 5 and connect to your Source Self. In fact, you can unlock your script with your focused intent. To do that you need to harmonize your frequency bodies at frequency level 5 in the now moment.

Creating your new script

The first benefit of unlocking your script is to be able to create your own. To do that, you need to know what you want in life and the life that you want. The best way to create your new script is through silence and visualization. Remember, to be able to create your new script, you must unlock your old script, otherwise, you will not be able to do that. The matrix will not let you do that.


When we entered this game, our minds were wiped. But our Source Self remembers everything.

To know the Truth about us, and about this game, we need to connect back to our Source Self. Our Source Self is in the Soul cage which exists at frequency level 5 Through 11. To stop eating meat will give us the ability to reach that frequency level 5, therefore have a Source Self connection. You can not get connected to your Source Self while still eating meat.

Once you are connected to your Source self many things are possible. As a matter of fact, you can unlock your script and retrieve your daily used energy. Your intent will be stronger, you may have guidance, and may have enhanced frequency climbing abilities.  

Exiting The Box-Freeing Source Self Fractal

In this game, your Source self mind is entrapped in the rainbow colors frequency box (frequency level 1 through 9). The box combines the red zone (frequency level 1-4) and the-blue Zone frequent level 5 through 9). Your frequency bodies can exist at any frequency level. Your Source fractal exists only at frequency level 5 through 11, and so is your soul cage.

Keep A Tight Rein-Source Self

To get out of the box a source player needs to master his/her mind and be able to control all thoughts. A Source player needs to develop the power of his/her intention and keep close attention to his/her energy expenditure. This requires discipline and maturity.

Climbing the frequencies

To exit the frequency box requires a Source player to do the work. And intentionally keep raising the frequency high enough up to frequency level 9. This is not something that can happen by accident, it is an intentional work that must be done. It can only happen when a Source player obeys all rules of the game and follows the Source Self guidance.  

Exiting the Box

Once harmonized at frequency level 9, a Source player can get out of the box. And start experiencing the wonders of the grey zone-the neutrality zone. For a Source player to exit the Box, 94% of the reserve tank level is required.

To stay outside of the box, a Source player is required to keep at least 83% of the reserve tank level. So, it has not to be taken for granted, you are advised to stay awake and alert.

The grey zone-neutrality

The gray zone covers frequency levels 10 and 11. A Source player in the frequency level 10 and 11 range, does not need to read this post. He/she should have direct access to knowledge. Or has a deep understanding of what was said in this post. This a Zone of neutrality, maturity, and wisdom. In this Zone, Source players may have information download depending on their intention.

Completing Inner Alchemy- Re Uniting The Source Self Fractal

Inner Alchemy is a crucial step in this game. It consists of merging your female and male together for you to become whole and complete. Before we come to this game, our Source fractals were split into two halves. To exit the game, we need to merge them back together. It is one of the goals of this game.

It is recommended to complete inner alchemy after a Source player has achieved maturity in this game. Though a Source player can complete Inner alchemy at frequency level 8 and higher. Once a Source player has completed the inner Alchemy, he/she will never be consumed by sexual desires. In the matrix orgasm is one of the counterfeits of inner alchemy. It is also a consent to giving away your genetic materials for entities to make more clones of you.   


This is the final stage of the game. To enter this game, we had to be encapsulated in the cage. To exit the game, we must break the cage. This is the stage where that is done. At this stage, a Source player can break the Soul cage and set the Source Self Fractal free. To do this, the following is required,: To be at frequency level 11, to be neutral, to live in the now, and complete inner alchemy.


This is a Solo journey, you alone can play and win your game, do not trust anybody else, and there is no exception to this. Infinite Source Truth is the only thing you need to navigate your game. Be aware of matrix lies and traps. As a Challenge, this game is full of confusion and deceptions. Religions, spiritual paths, New age movement, light, and channeling are ALL part of the matrix.

When you give your attention to them, they will drain your energy. Subsequently, you will be confused and lost. That is why we have not been able to win the game before. There is some truth to them to attract Source players. But it is mixed in with more lies to confuse Source players and hook them up.

Thank you for your time reading this post!

I wish you all the best


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