Matrix lies Source players should know

Matrix game of life is a mind game Source player have created to experience this illusionary world. Even though the matrix game of life is a high-end game, it is not that different from the games we see in this matrix. The matrix game of life is designed to mirror the thoughts of Source players and create for them. During that process, the matrix is supposed to challenge and test Source players to make sure they get what they deserve. In that angle, for the matrix to challenge and test Source players, it uses all kinds of tricks, traps, and lies. To learn more about matrix traps visit this post here. In this post, I am going to discuss about Matrix lies you should know as a Source player.

Matrix lies you should know

1. Source players are physical/ “physical bodies"/"avatar bodies"

The game avatar- Source truth site

The programming that a source player is an avatar is the most challenging belief Source players have ever had. Since they are children, Source players are programmed to believe that they are their physical bodies. From family education to sciences and formal education, Source players have not had the chance to learn about who they are. The religion has been telling Source players that their bodies are their God’s temples. That programming alone has reinforced the idea that the body is something sacred. By this Lies the matrix wants you to consent to the idea that you are The illusionary body, and when you believe that, then you are submitted to the physical laws, limitations, and weaknesses. And by that, the matrix will control you leading you in the lowest frequency planes, where it will be harvesting your energy at will.

2.Avatar bodies are physical

The matrix will make sure to confuse Source players, because when Source players are confused, they are hopeless, and in that state of hopelessness they are in a good position to feed the matrix. In that state of confusion, weakness, hopelessness, and helplessness, Source players are in the lowest frequency and disconnected from Source. They have forgotten that all that they need is within them and that they can have access to all information they need by just connecting to Source.

When a Source player says “me”, referring to the Physical body, there is a huge confusion.

  1. Source players have physical bodies currently sleeping in the Physical realm used to play this game. But they can not see their bodies while still in the matrix game (you can not see the exterior walls of the house while you are inside the same house)
  2. Source players use their avatars or images to play the game, and it is the only thing they can see while still inside the matrix game. ( When you are inside the house, you can see the image of the same house on a TV screen using exterial cameras, Is that image the real house, or the image of the house?)

 The physical bodies of Source players in the physical realm are physical, but avatars of Source players in this game of life are images on the screen of their minds ( Like when you play a video game, is your avatar in the game physical? Or just an image on you game console screen?)

 I hope, no more confusion about the real physical body and the avatar bodies.

3. We are all one!

All one lie-STS

The idea that we are all one is one of the most frequent programmings. The matrix wants to make Source players believe that they are the same as soulless beings especially soulless ones. So far it is hard for some Source players to grasp that Matrix game characters are different. As usual, I am not here to convince you but to give you the information you may need to confirm with your Source Self. In this game of life, Source players are absolutely different from soulless beings. All game characters are playing in the same matrix game. But Source players have the ability to unlock their life Script and create their own which gives them the ability to be free. That is not possible for soulless beings as they do not have anything more than their physical bodies. Soulless beings are just matrix scripts running, fulfilling the matrix needs, that is their job in this game.

The catch here is that, when you believe that you are the same as a Soulless being, you are in the lower frequency plane.  And the matrix will rule you as it rules their soulless beings’ scripts because you have consented to its lies. And once you are in the lower frequency planes the matrix will take advantage of your low-frequency level in many ways.

Buy that belief “ we are all one” “the same”, the matrix wants you to consent to the idea that you are a soulless being, and when you agree, it will possess you and your energy. So, do not underestimate these matrix lies.

4. Source created by God

This is the biggest lie Source players have been exposed to since their childhood. I would like to mention that this topic is not another conspiracy theory about creation vs evolution of life.  Here I am talking about the belief that almost every source player has encountered in life. The programing that Source players have been created by God or gods or any other term that represent the matrix administrator is a pure lie. Contrary to that belief, in their game, Source players have been creating their gods and believed in them. 

Again, in this lie, there is a mix of previous lies (confusion about “Physical bodies and avatars”, “Source players are they avatars”.)

Source players have designed this game, created the matrix administration system and the administrator as well as the entities to run the show. So, I think it is now clear who created who. Even though the matrix entities have created the real physical bodies in which we are currently sleeping, It does not mean they created Us. They just created a tool(physical body) for us to use in the game.

My advice here is, when you say “me or I”, referring to yourself, please make sure you clearly comprehend what you are pointing to. Do you mean your avatar in the game? Is it your physical body in the physical realm? or it is the lie of the matrix that confuses all together? The truth is that you are none of them, you are the Source fractal hosted in the physical body, playing this game as this avatar in your mind. You are a Source fractal in Source.

So, when you believe that you are physical and that you are this avatar body you are consenting to the matrix to govern you as its creation. And when you take that further step to believe that you have been created by the matrix administrator or entities, then you are handing yourself to the matrix. So in that position get ready to feed the matrix until you wake up or run out of energy and recycled.

Note: Soulless ones have the right to believe in what their scripts are programmed for, especially this belief of being created by gods. Why? It is true, Soulless ones are the creatures of the matrix entities. Matrix entities created them for their own purposes and for game enhancement. Source players do not have anything to do with all these. Source players are in this game just for the experience, and in the physical realm, they are neutral.

5. Free will

No free will-STS

Another huge lie of the matrix in the programming that Source players have free will! That is a total lie! There is no free will in this game to start with.

Our scripts have been written before we enter the game, and when Source players started to consume meat their scripts were locked. That is until they can exercise their intent to remove the meat from their diet, and then proceed to unlock their scripts. Before that, A Source player can not have free, they follow their locked script word for word. Everything is chosen for you. Family, friends, jobs, coworkers, hobbies, problems, success, failures, partners, spouses, children, etc. are all chosen for you. Everything is fed to you with an illusion of you making choices.

The difference here is that when Source players manage to unlock their scripts they can start creating their own scripts. With an unlocked script, a Source player can have free will, which was not possible before that choice of unlocking the script.

The matrix makes Source players believe that they have free will so that they can not question their life scripts. It keeps Source players believe that all their thoughts are their own so that they don’t ask themselves about where all millions of thoughts come from. And when Source players fall to those lies, that they have free will, they are stuck, and the matrix will have the consent to keep the power over Source players keeping them in the lower frequency planes to harvest their energy.

If you did not unlock your script, the matrix possesses you, and you should consider doing that as soon as you can. For that, you will have your free will, to enjoy the life of your choice.  

The bottom line

The matrix game of life is an entertaining but challenging game. It challenges Source players through traps and lies. When Source players fall of lies, they are consented to give their power and energy to the matrix. When the matrix gets consent from Source players, it harvests their energy and keeps them in the lower frequency planes. Source players receive matrix lies through matrix programming channels like Family, Education, religion and Spiritual beliefs, news media, etc.…  

I wish you all the best in your game.

I will see you in the next post.


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