Soulless Beings-Matrix Characters: Part 2

Non-player characters in the matrix game of life

Before I start discussing about the Soulless beings. I would like to remind you that the Matrix Game of Life is a mind game, A dream-like game, only happening in our minds.  Of course, like all other games, it has characters.  In the matrix, there are two categories of players co-playing in the game.

Player Characters and non-player characters.  Both categories of players are playing this game right now, playing the game the same way, on the same stage. Even though those two categories are totally different, there is apparently no difference between them.

You cannot tell if this person is a player character or a non-player character, they all look alike. As a matter of fact, it was determined in the agreement players characters established before they enter the game.

Types of non-players characters in the matrix

Apart from player characters explained in a previous post, in this game, there are two types of non- players characters: Soulless beings, and matrix entities. Those two types of non- players characters are quite different, but they have one major thing in common: They do not have souls.

Here I am going to discuss about soulless beings,  who are different from matrix entities. Before I get into the subject, I would like to ask you to confirm with your Infinite Source Self if you are ready to read this information.

In fact, this information may contain what you are not ready to hear at this point in time. So, please confirm before you read the following. Read the following if you are sure that you have the required maturity and neutrality for that.

Soulless beings.

Whatever we can see here in this game is an illusion, it is a virtual reality, and so it is our so-called physical bodies. These bodies we think that are physical, but they are images on the screen of our mind. Though, we have real physical bodies that we cannot see now. Our real physical bodies are right now sleeping, in the physical realm, (the real physical world).

This world we see with our eyes open is not real, but a dream of our Source Self minds. As I mentioned in the previous post about players of Source, our physical bodies host our souls. Our souls contain our Source Fractals. The real physical body along with the soul and other frequency bodies make it possible to experience this game. 

Matrix experience

Ultimately,  It is only possible to really experience this game when there is a combination of 5 bodies.  That combination is the real physical body, subconscious body, conscious body, and emotional body powered by the Source Fractal, (who we are). All this is done through the soul that contains the Source Fractal and connects everything together.

Both types of non-player characters do not have Source Fractal, they are not Source players, and they do not have souls, which is needed to host the Source fractal.

Soulless beings only have real physical bodies in the physical realm. They can see their avatar in this game, just like Source players do. Soulless beings do not have feelings or senses. In the physical realm, their bodies are empty,  without brains or minds. All what they can seem to experience in this game is just artificial intelligence programs running on their behalf.

Soulless beings in the physical realm.

As I mentioned earlier, real physical bodies of soulless beings do not have a brain in them, they do not have a mind or consciousness. They are only flesh, blood, and bones, in a vegetative state. Those bodies have an only life span, they have one life to live, when they are mature, they are harvested.

In short, in the physical realm, soulless beings’ real bodies are made from players of Source real physical bodies, hence, they are an exact representation of their bodies.

Soulless beings-how are they created?

Eventually, By letting the avatar having orgasms in this dream state, a player of Source is giving consent to the matrix to harvest the real physical body in the physical realm. The matrix harvests many things depending on the consent, and one of them is eggs/spams. In fact, the matrix uses them to make clones of players of Source, that is where Soulless beings come in. I would like to mention that the winner of the game has modified this process at the win of the game. 

Now what happens when a player of Source has an orgasm, is the harvest of blood from the physical body and the loss of energy, no more eggs/spams, and soul harvesting, thanks to the winner of the game. After the win of the game, the matrix make clones from other clones, not from players of Source, which make the product less desirable.

Soulless beings- the purpose

“As Above, So Below” or “As within, so without”

Outside of this matrix game of life in the physical realm, life is almost similar to what we see in this dream illusion. There is commerce, business, food supplies, etc. Soulless beings’ bodies have been created as food for entities that run this matrix.

Indeed, the matrix uses soulless being bodies for different purposes. Including a source of food, manufacturing different types of products from those bodies. And the most important for the entities that run the matrix, which are drugs that they make from soulless being’s bodies.

Why soulless beings are treated like that?

That is to say, here I am talking about what is happening in the physical realm. This is not another conspiracy theory trying to overlay this dream state to the physical realm. The world we can see right now does not exist anywhere, N-O-W-H-E-R-E.

 Have you ever thought if what is happening to domestic animals in this dream world is fair or not? Probably yes! Depending on what side of the conspiracy theory you are on. At least, from the viewpoint of the world, nothing wrong with the situation of domestic animals, that is the case for the treatment of soulless ones in the physical realm.

Is that fair? Remember, players of Source we are neutral in the physical realm, and here, we know that nothing is really happening, we are playing a game. My advice is that: do not be against or for any conspiracy theory about animals. Only do not eat meat for the only reason that it is the rule of the game.

Soulless beings in the matrix.

To emphasize, the matrix is a duality game and to stay together it needs to be balanced. For that reason,  1 player of Source must be balanced out with 5000 Soulless beings.  Matrix controllers must make more clones/soulless beings to balance out the matrix.

In the physical realm, soulless beings are just biological mass, in the shape and image of Source players real physical bodies. Soulless being’s bodies are in a vegetative state, on life support of the matrix. In the matrix game of life, soulless beings, are scripts running by themselves.

To clarify, Soulless beings are artificial intelligence programmed with the matrix game of life scripts. Soulless beings artificial intelligence are programmed to interact with players of Source in this mind game.

They follow their scripts to the letter, as they do not have a mind. In their scripts, they have all possible choices to make, and they follow that word for word. Soulless ones do not have personal choices in what they do. It is not up to them to choose, the matrix does it for them.

The trick here is, the matrix does its best for the Soulless beings to appear exactly like players of Source. Soulless serving as tools to convince the players of Source that everything is real.

Soulless beings scripts

Scripts of soulless beings are in the game to harvest energy, from players of Source. The matrix needs the energy to keep running, and that energy is harvested from players of Source alone. Soulless ones do not generate energy.

In fact, they are on a life support system; therefore, they are in the matrix to harvest energy from players of Source. Soulless beings do that by causing players of Source to be in low frequency, like negative emotions. They may cause players of Source to eat meat, to have orgasms, to hold unforgiveness, to live in the past and/or future, to judge and/or criticize, Etc.

Another role of soulless being scripts in the matrix game of life is for the décor of the game. The matrix may use them to facilitate the game for players of Source. They can do business with them, they can support and assist them, they can help and guide them, and much more.

Soulless beings-who are they in life?

In general, soulless beings are in the game as a balancing mechanism. That is why they are in higher positions in Politics, Finance, Religion, and Science systems. And at the same time in the category of those suffering from injustice, violence, poverty, and ignorance. 

Certainly, With the ration of 1/5000, almost everybody you can see around you may be a soulless being

From your family members, your colleagues, and your community members. Why not your followers and followings on social media. Your favorite celebrities, sport team fans and players. The church members and leaders; your meditation class members and teachers. etc.

For sure, they are in all layers of society, they do all whatever you do, they are whenever you go. Remember they are there for two reasons: enhancing your game, and/or harvesting your energy. To keep that in mind will help a player of Source to play the game with precautions.

Thank you for your time,

I will see you in part three: about “Matrix entities”

All the best!



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