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I would like to share with you what information on this site is about. This site is about Source Truth that has been hidden for years. Even though it has been somehow shared before, it was shared in a confusing way. Mixed up with a lot of lies, to delay players of Source who were hungry for that. But before I get into it, let me ask you an important question, that you should be asking yourself in this game. Because that question is the main topic of this mind game in which we are. To know who you are. “TO KNOW THYSELF”.


In this summary, I would like to share with you what information on this site is about. This site is about Source Truth that has been hidden for years. Even though it has been somehow shared before, it was shared in a confusing way. Mixed up with a lot of lies, to delay players of Source who were hungry for that. But before I get into it, let me ask you an important question, that you should be asking yourself in this game. Because that question is the main topic of this mind game in which we are. To know who you are. “TO KNOW THYSELF”.

Source Truth-Know thyself

Knowing who you really are as a player of Source is very important. Because once you discover who you really are, everything in this game is revealed to you effortlessly. So, what will be the answer if someone asks you who you are? What do you think will be your answer? You will probably say, I am: -your name, -your job, -your status, -your achievements, -your education degree, and so on…

But that is who you really are? Are you your name? Does this mean if you change your name you will be a different you? If you say you are your job, what were you before that job and what will you be after that job, a different you? You may say you are your status or your education degree, what were you before, and what will you be after that?

And finally, you can say I am my body, you said it right! It is your body, not you. Unless you say I am this body. That would make more sense but still less convincing. I guess If you are reading this information you have been searching for truth for a long time. And for sure you have read a lot about this kind of self-inquiry discussions.  But today I am here to share with you something new, something totally different from what you have learned elsewhere.

The searching ends here- Source Truth

I am here to reveal to you what has been hidden for years, what we did not have a chance to learn before. What I am about to reveal to you here, is something that is not different from what you are. It is not different from where you are from. Not different from what your Source self has been looking for since you were born.

So, who do you say/think you are?  What is your “inner voice” saying to you about who you are? When it comes to thinking about who you are; my job, my status, my achievement, etc. Is that the first thing that comes up in mind, instead of saying who you really are? If you do not know who you are, then keep quiet and start searching for the truth about who you really are! That is wisdom!

Source Truth-Players of Source

I would like to tell you that If you are here reading this Source Truth information, you are a player of Source. A gamer, yes, you heard it right. A player of Source. You are a gamer, playing this game of life for the whole of Source to experience it with you. It means that this life we live in is a game. A game of Source/ players of Source to experience physicality, material things, duality, and much more.

If you are new to this information, do not worry, all these terms will be explained in detail in future posts. You are a player of Source, you are the creator of this game, this life, this world, universes, and multiverses. Yes, you are the creator of this game! and the whole of it exists within you. Everything that you can perceive exists in your mind. Too good to be true, right? I guess it is! Because since we were children we have been programmed to be totally different from that.

Source Truth-Time is now

The time has come now, for you to know the truth about who you really are. About where you are from and what are your creations. They start to grasp your abilities and powers. Once you know that, then everything will be much easier. Life will be smoother, and you will finally know the happiness you really deserve.

Our minds have been wiped before we were born. All kinds of effort have been made to program us, to form beliefs that push us away from who we really are. Beliefs like weakness, low self-worth, low self-esteem, and low self-confidence, etc.

In addition to that, we have been outnumbered by non-player characters to convince us that those programs are true.

 We have been exposed to all kinds of distractions.  Such as materialism and lack, sex, and orgasms. Eating meat and drinking alcohol, smoking, and take recreational drugs. Competitions for power, wealth, celebrity, status, and much more. All this just for distraction.

Nevertheless, this is a part of the matrix game of life.  All these are experiences in life, and we are here for that. Though, remember that everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial for you as a player of Source. This leads to a crucial part of this game. “The rules of the game.”

Rules of the game

This game has rules, and we must play it by rules. Every game should have a rule set on how to play it. This game of life is not different, it has rules to help players of Source to play it to win. Remember we are here to win the game, but it all depends on the choices we make. But to be able to make choices, there is one condition that must be met.

“To unlock a script”, You must unlock your script, otherwise you will keep following your locked script lines to the latter. This life is a mind game, our life is feed to us through a steady stream of thought, and our mind interprets everything that is feed to us as 3D experiences, life experiences. The matrix is really a mind game, an illusion, a dream. We are dreaming of being these bodies (avatars) and nothing happened, happening, or will ever happen. Just a line of codes being feed to our minds.

We created this game and we created the administration system, to run the game for us.  As a mind game, it was necessary for us to be in a sleeping state to be able to play the game. Hence, we were put to sleep and hooked up to the administration system then entered the game.

Source Truth-The game and the now

The game is managed on a daily basis. A day is a container of our game experiences, and every day we wake up, we wake up with energy to use on that day.  Just for the activities of the day. Remember, nothing is free in this game. Everything is about energy exchange, you pay for every experience in this game. Breathing, walking, talking, seeing, hearing, to name a few!  And you pay it with your daily supply.

For the activities that are not covered in the daily supply, you pay them by your main tank of energy. That reserve tank is who you really are, you exchange those experiences with your own essence.  The activities that are against the rules of the game are not covered in your daily supply.


When you play against the rules of the game, then you pay from your main tank of energy, which is your own essence. I would like to mention here that your main tank is you. It determines your expiration date, “death”, and the quality of your life experiences.

This game is a one day at a time game. You are given the energy to perform today’s activities. When you go to the past, or to the future, which is not covered in your daily energy supply. Then you pay with your main tank, and many other things are involved. This is the importance of living in the now.

Source Truth- Life is not a spiritual journey

You have been told that this game is a spiritual journey, but it is not true. It is just a mind game. There is a hidden reason they call it a spiritual journey, and this will be shared here later. Religions, spiritual paths, and gurus, ascended masters, enlightened beings are matrix programs to delay players of Source. 

They are in this game to suck energies out of players of Source through different kinds of attachments. Their role in this game is shaping and deepen beliefs in players of Source that will keep them away from the Truth. Of course, they put some truth in their teaching, which is mixed up with many lies, just to attract players of Source. 

You do not need any of them, you are a player of Source. The creator of your game, you can do whatever you want, when you play by the rules of the game. And those rules are not hard, nothing hard when you recognize what you are. Then what this game is and why you are here! Leave all that behind, and start searching for what really matters to you- Source truth.

Your Source Self connection

We are in this game, to experience duality, materialism. But first, to remember who we are, and get connected to where we are from. This is important to know before that life seems overwhelming. It seems that life was imposed on you, you are confused, and not sure what to choose or to do. All of those are results of being disconnected from who we are! But it is easy to change that, just play by the rules of the game, connect to your Source Self, and let Source truth guide you.

Source Truth-Choice is important

This is your game, and the choice is always yours. Choices are very important in this game. Once you make a choice and you direct your attention to what you want. Then your creative energy starts to flow in that direction, thereafter starts to manifest what you want. Though, for that to happen, few things need to align. Such as saving the energy of your main tank, raising your frequency levels, establishing and keeping a good Source Self connection, etc.  

Source Truth-Game pieces

The game we are playing, is a dream, and these bodies we think are us, they are images that represent our physical bodies. Those bodies we cannot see them right now, as long as we are in the game (that is how the rule is set).

Other than the physical body, you have the subconscious body, emotional body, conscience body, and the Source fractal which is who you really are. Those bodies are hosted in your real physical body for you to use in this mind game. All game pieces of yours are connected between them and to this avatar (image body) by the soul.

Source Truth-The soul-Soul contracts

The soul is a golden cage of DNA, the contract that binds you, a contract that holds all clauses that you signed before you came into the game. This mind game is all about energy, choice, frequency, and connection back to where we are from.

Before we come to this game, we had to make a deal with the game administrator(artificial intelligence). We signed contracts, those contracts determine how we are going to play the game. And everything in our lives, past present, and future, had to be documented and signed in those soul contracts. Everything in our lives has been determined before we entered the game. But it does not mean that it has to remain like that because when we remember who we really are, we get the ability to change that. That is why it is important to remember who we really are. 


Source Truth-Frequency planes

Many people think that we live on the same playing field, but that is not true. The playing field of a player of Source is determined by an individual player of Source’ frequency level. There are many playing fields, and they are all happening here and now. Players of Source keep shifting from one playing field to another depending on the choices that they make. Of course, the conscious body lives in one playing field at a time, totally unaware of what is happing in other playing fields. Just like one Radio receiver cannot receive two channels signals at the same time.

Is Source Truth information for you?

If you think this Source Truth information is for you if you feel any resonance in you to this information. Then there is a reason, and it is that reason that brought you to this information.  So, keep reading and discover more about all those subjects I mention in this summary.

But if you think this information does not make any sense to you. Then it is a good time to stop visiting this site, it means this information is not for you at this point in time.

This was a summary of the information shared on this site.

Keep reading to discover more about Infinite Source Truth which is who you really are.

All the best to you


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