Infinite Source is neutral- neutrality vs Duality

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As I mentioned in previous posts, Infinite Source is neutral and one, though fractalized into many cells. As players of Source, we are fractals of Source and we are all one, perfectly identical to the whole of Source. Infinite Source neutral and everything.  

Duality exists only in this game of life, of course, this game is in Source, but Source is perfectly aware that nothing else exists. Infinite Source is neutral and knows that duality is a game, illusion in players’ minds. We are cells of Source, our role in Source is to create and play games. We created this game as one and we are experiencing it as one, with the whole of Source.


Infinite Source is neutral-Neutrality

 Neutrality is the Nature of Source; neutrality is our nature as players of Source. What we are experiencing now in this game of life, is an illusion of duality, a duality dream, where we experience, highs and lows, male and female, black and white, day and night, good and bad, love and hate, Etc. 

 We created this game, we previewed it and found that it is amazing, then we signed up for it. The game is magnificent, compare to what we experienced before in other games. For example, in the physical realm, there are no colors, no sounds, no heat or cold, time, and space are different.

These avatars we think are our bodies, they are images representing our real physical bodies, right now sleeping in the planet Saturn hosted in a pod to experience this game. Furthermore, we are not those bodies at all, we are the energy of Source giving life to those bodies. 

Infinite Source neutral-the matrix game of life

In the physical realm, there are other nonplayer characters bodies, hooked up to the game as we are, but without our energy in them. Players of Source are the only characters on the stage. In this game, those nonplayer characters, are our friends & enemies, family members & strangers, bosses-colleagues and employees, business partners & competitors. etc. We are all playing the same game together, and in this game, we look exactly the same, that is how the game is set up.

Our physical bodies are totally different from theirs, as our bodies are powered by our Source energy. Their bodies are empty without consciousness or mind. In the physical realm, they are used for different types of purposes. In this game, their avatars are used as non-player characters to harvest energy and enhance the game for characters.

Infinite Source- neutrality vs duality

Infinite Source is neutral and is experiencing this game with us, the difference is that Source knows that this game is not real. As players of Source, before we wake up, we think the game is real. When we believe the game is real, then duality starts its pressure on us, and we start to feel, bad or good, heavy or light, better or worse, etc.

Infinite Source is neutral and is all that is. Senses, perceptions do not exist is Source, they only exist in this matrix game of life. Without perceptions, judgments are not possible, feelings are inconceivable. Therefore, suffering is inexistent. Source is, as simple as that. Source is not only this or that, as it is all at the same time. Time and space as we know them here, only exist in this matrix game of life. Outside of this imaginary game, we are everywhere at the same time.

In this game we experience, a wide range of experiences, Infinite Source experience them with us, but Source does not care if something hurts or not, Source does not care if it feels good or bad, Source experiences it only as experiences. Source does not judge or interpret, thus totally neutral.

Infinite Source is neural-How to be neutral

We are in this game to win it, but to win it, we must reach that stage of being neutral. Being neutral is particularly important in this game, when you are neutral, you save a lot of amount of energy you normally spend in your everyday duality experiences. This game is all about energy, so you need that energy to exit this game. To be neutral in this game is easy than you think, but it requires a change of mindset. 

5 easy steps

First, one should know that this life is a mind game, and nothing is really happening.

Second, you should be aware that whatever you perceive, seem to exist within you.  You empower everything that appears in your experience. 

Third, you should know that perceptions, feelings, judgments, and interpretations, all only exist here in this game and exist neither in the physical realm nor in Source. 

Fourth, one should know that we are players of Source, not these avatars, even not those physical bodies that host our game in the physical realm. 

Fifth, once you know that, you will start being present in your game, seeing your experience as a game, later on, start to manipulate your game experience as you like.

Infinite Source is neutral - Source players

Our lives are our creation, when we realize that we are playing a mind game, then we start to use our mind to change our game experiences. It is a mind game; it takes a change of mindset to change whatever you want in your life. This is your game, stop mourning, and start living. Time is now and it is not too late, you can wake up even at this very moment when you choose to.

You are a player of Infinite Source, you created all this, even though you forgot along the way. But now you know, so what are you going to do? You are not under obligation to do anything, but when you do not wake up, your life will continue as it now. If you are totally satisfied with the life you have now, and you do not feel any curiosity to know the truth, then ignore this message.

But if you feel you want to wake up and remember who you really are and take full responsibility of your game, then this message is for you, keep reading and discover more.

All the best to you!


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