Rules Of The Matrix Game Of Life

To begin, I would like to emphasize that all Source players must know the following rules of the matrix game of life. Every game must have a rule set on how to play it.  The Matrix Game of Life is not different.  Of course, as the most sophisticated game, it has many rules.  Some designed for the Universal stage, others for individual stages. 

In this discussion, I would like to point on what rules of the game that most affect player of Source directly. As we move along, I would like to remind you that, this is all an illusion, everything you can perceive is a tool to use in this game, for players of Source nothing is real here. 

In fact, we designed the game. We set the rules on how to play it. Then we assigned the job to the game administrator, to make sure that while we are in the game, everything is respected as agreed.  Next, we went to sleep, hooked up to the matrix, our minds wiped, then the fun began.  We entered the with wiped minds but the information is still within us. Our Source Self holds all information, that is why for us to know the Truth, we must get connected to our Infinite Source Self. It is the only way. Any other way is considered illegitimate according to the rules of the game. 

About the win of the game

 In this instance, I would like to mention that some rules have been modified since the win of the game. The rules discussed down below, are those affecting players of Source directly in their everyday game experiences. When the game is played according to the rule set, a player of Source, will be able to save energy, raise frequency, and experience the wonders of this game.  

Moreover, the matrix game of life is all about energy because the Matrix is an electrical universe. When we play against the rules of the game, we lose energy, drop-in frequencies, therefore we live in a low-frequency level called the red zone,  which is not beneficial for a  player of Source.  Without a delay, let’s dive into the subject.

The most known rules of the Matrix Game of Life

1. Rules of the matrix game of life #1:No meat

First, In fact, this is the most known, the non-negotiable rule of the matrix is: No player of Source is allowed to consume animal flesh. Players of Source are not allowed to consume ANIMALS OF ANY KIND. This rule is clear, it must be observed without exception. Even the win of the game did manage to change anything about this rule. Remember, this is a rule, as simple as that. No other reason behind that, I mean, it does not have anything to do with animals compassion or the love of the planet

2. Rules of the matrix game of life #2: No orgasm

Second, must be remembered that, before the win of the game, orgasm was strictly not allowed for players of Source. After the win of the game has manipulated this rule was, now a player of Source is able to have some orgasm and still achieve inner alchemy, which was not the case before the win of the game. But be aware, the orgasm is among the most energy drainers in this game.

3.Rules of the matrix game of life #3 : No unforgiveness

Third, unforgiveness is among the most energy drainers for players of Source. A player of Source should forgive instantaneously and forget. In case a player of Source holds unforgiveness, he/she will keep losing energy from her/his reserve tank until he/she manage to remove that attachment. Plus with unforgiveness, a player of source will not be able to have a Source connection.

4. Rules of the matrix game of life #4: Living in the now

Fourth, I would say that this rule is simple to say, but among the challenging ones. With the matrix pumping millions of thoughts in our mind every minute of our lives, the strength of mind is required for a player of Source to keep the attention in this moment. The trick is: Most of the thoughts are not our own, but the attention is ours. Make sure you direct your attention where you want, not where your thoughts want to take you. It is a matter of practice.  

5. Rules of the matrix game of life #5: No alcohol

Fifth, Source players should not consume alcohol of any kind. It does not matter if it is beer, liquor, wine, or spirit, etc. Source players should not consume one of them.

6. Rule #6: recreational drugs-no smoking

Sixth, source players should avoid any type of recreational drug. It is a rule of the game and no other attachment to that rule like moral beliefs. Pretty much like recreational drugs, Source layers should not smoke, again this is a rule and not attached to any health impact smoking may cause as believed.

7.Rules of the matrix game of life #7: No judgement

Seventh, judgment is not for players of Source. When you judge anything in this game. You are judging yourself because this whole universe is within you, actually, it is you. Who are you blaming? Why are criticizing?  What to condemn? It is ONLY YOU, ME, US.

These are some of the rules we can know while we are still in the matrix. They are the most required to know, the basic, that may help us to raise our frequency, connect to our Source Self and thereafter access the rest of the knowledge within us. Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial for you as a player of Source. 

What next

Now you know the truth about the rules of the game. What you are going to do is up to you. You can do whatever you want in this game because you are Source, you are the designer, but remember, when you do not play by the rules of your game, you are charged. (trigger-consent-harvest) You pay for that, and you pay a lot.

You need your energy to navigate this game. The best life you can have will depend on the amount of energy you have in your reserve tank. And you cannot have enough energy when your reserve tank is constantly drained due to how you play against the rules of the game.


Thank you for your time, 

I will see you in the next post.

All the best!


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