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Is the matrix real? Why does it feel real?

Hi everyone,

It has been said that we live in the Illusionary matrix, but why does it feel real, and why what we see ,hear, feel seem to be undoubtably real?  Human beings are created to believe in what they are presented, and more than 95% of the world population being soulless ones who are just running scripts, they can not have any shadow of doubt in their mind because that is not part of their scripts. They believe that this world/ matrix is real and whatever is in it is also real. 

All matrix institutions (Education, religion, science,Etc.) are here to support that idea. So called scientists, researchers and leaders are the matrix entities who are in this game to create beliefs and strengthen them among all matrix game players. Non-player characters have no other choice than playing the game according to their scripts. Source players with locked scripts are like soulless ones, they play the game according to the matrix script lines. The difference between low frequency Source players and Soulless ones is that Source players have the ability to raise the frequency and unlock their scripts. That is not possible for soulless ones. 

Behind a soulless one’s script, there is an empty body, a body without a soul.   Low frequency Source player are easy to be programmed and manipulated which worsen they situation in this game. Relatively high frequency source players are targeted by the matrix due their lack of determination because they are still doubting, the matrix read their thoughts and present them with experiences that convince them that the matrix is real. What we call emotional events and difficulties here are not real but the matrix wants to convince Source players that are real so that Source players can experience wide range of e-motions, therefore feed the matrix.

 For source players to experience those emotions, they have to believe in the reality of this game. That is why the matrix has to make sure Source players believe in that idea of the matrix being real. To convince source players the matrix uses soulless beings. Source players are presented with emotional or suffering soulless ones either in real life or in entertainment so that Source players can do the same. Any time A source player experiences any type of E motion, A source player is feeding the matrix.


Is the matrix real? Yes,

pretty much like your night dream! Oh wait! Do you mean a night dreams are real? Of course, yes, if you remember having a night dream, that dream took place, it is a fact. That dream state happened. If we have to measure, we can know at this time of the night you entered a such wavelength that brought into a dreaming state. Isn’t that real? At least at the point of view of the avatar body it is. Up to that point everything makes sense to the avatar body. After that point, you pick a new you, a new state, a new environment and you start experiencing wonders of the dreams. 

Even though, you can experience things similar to what you already know, they are totally different. For the you in the dream you do not exist. And for the awaken you, you do not remember being some else during your dreams. This is a good analogy of the matrix game of life. At the point we get to the sleeping state in the physical realm, we forget everything that happened before, and we enter a new adventure called the game of life. As you can not remember yourself in a night dream, in this also you have no idea of what you really are, because the matrix game of life is a secondary state of being. 

At night when you go to bed, when you reach at the point when you fall a sleep, everything else after that point is out of your awareness, and when you start dreaming everything happen in your mind. It is just the activity of your brain. In the physical realm, when we get to the sleeping point, everything that occur after that point occurs without our awaken awareness, and all dreams happen only in our mind hosted in the physical body. This life is the dream of our physical body’s mind, and it does happen only in our mind.

Source truth- Sleep

Some Questions?

When you dream being out for a vacation in Hawaii, does Hawaii of your dreams really exist? In the dream yes. when you wake up and realize that you are still in your bedroom. Is that Hawaii still real?

In the physical realm we go to sleep, and start dreaming this life on this planet, do this life, planet really exist? In the dream yes, but in reality of who we are, or in the physical realm, do this life/planet exist?

Do we need to be on this planet in order to experience it? Think twice, do you need to be sleeping in the hotel at the Mediterranean Sea in order to have a night dream about the beauty of beaches of the Mediterranean Sea?

What you see when you open your eyes, what you touch when you reach around you, what you smell and taste when you are exploring your surroundings. Do exit only in the mind of your physical body. So, what about your avatar body? Everything that you an perceive in this state of being is just the activity of your brain. The illusion can only be experienced by the illusional body in the illusional world.

Okey, so what about the matrix game of life…?

In the physical realm, our physical bodies are real, they were put to sleep and after that point the rest is the activity of our brains being stimulated and fed with our imaginary scripts by the matrix control center.

In your night dream you can fly over mountains, but your avatar body did not lift a finger off your bed. You can dream of running faster than a train, but none of your avatar body legs hasn’t even moved 1 inch off you bed.

So, have all those events in your night dream happened? I would say yes, only in your head, and for your dream body, but for you or for your physical body It didn’t.

How could you explain to your avatar body that you crossed the Atlantic Ocean last night while you just woke up in your bedroom the next morning? And probably your passport has expired last month. It may sound crazy; indeed, it is.

In your night dream you can attend schools from nursery to the college, graduate and have a job, marry the partner of your dreams, etc. When you wake up, you can realize that the dream has taken place in a fraction of seconds. Weird! Right?

Do you think you can find meaningful explanations to your avatar body deeply corrupted by this world of matter time and space? You are luck if you can! What could be the answer to this question from your Avatar body: I just finished the dinner that I was having with my best friend at the hotel, And I just woke up, why am I hungry?

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Why the matrix sounds real?

The matrix sounds real for some.

Imagine yourself having your memorable time at the beach in Florida, and someone from behind gently tap on you right shoulder, and when you turn your head, you find that it is your long-time friend you left in your home country, you greet each other, and suddenly your friend asks you, when did you come to Sweden? With surprise you respond, Sweden? No, I am here in America, and your friend who is an experienced dreamer right away realize he/she is dreaming, and she/he says, sorry we are in a dream. A dream? you say. You bend down a little bit and touch in the water, you take 2 step and feel your feet sinking in the sand. And you look in the eyes of your friend and say this is not a dream because I can feel the breeze, and I can even touch your hand, how this can be a dream? Just before your friend answers your question, the sound of you alarm wakes you up. Do you still need that answer?

Unless you are an experienced dreamer, you can not know that you are in a dream, why? Because for the dreamer, the dream is real.

So, is the matrix real?

For soulless ones, the matrix is as real as they are, because nothing else exist for them, in the physical realm their bodies are empty, without souls and do not have consciousness, so the only thing they know/are is the script they are playing out. So, are you waiting for any one of them to tell you that the only thing they can know is not real? Compare to what?

The matrix does not sound real for everybody. It sounds real for Soulless ones, and it is, for them. For low frequency source players, it sounds real, because they are not connected to their knowing to make them experienced dreamers. They are just like someone in his/her deep night dream. Once a source player starts to raise his/her frequency, he/she starts to know that he/she is in a dream matrix, therefore starts being an experienced dreamer. This is called being a lucid dreamer. 

As a matter of facts, the only way to know the illusion of the matrix is to wake up/exit the game physically or raise the frequency enough and escape the matrix frequency box. Otherwise, no body can know the illusion while still in one.   

To sum up!

This matrix game of life is not different from a night dream, Source player’s physical bodies are sleeping in the physical realm, and what is happening here in the matrix, is just the activity of their physical body’s brain to interpret script lines fed by the matrix control center as mater space and time which make this world sounds and fells real.

Thank you for your time,

I will see you in the next post.

Stay safe!


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