States of being for source players and soulless beings.


For some Source players it is hard to imagine that there is any other state of being. Source players have found their comfort zones in the matrix game and forgot other states of being they have experienced before.

However, it does not matter what kind of lifestyle of Source players, they will always feel that they do not fit in the matrix. It is the nature of a Source player to have that inner feeling of something greater than the matrix game. Depending on the frequency level of a Source player the following states of being becomes clear during the journey.

1. Illusionary state of being in the matrix game of life.

In the matrix game of life, we live in the illusionary 3D state of being. Though, unless a Source player is at a certain frequency level, a Source player will not grasp that. In the matrix game of life, Both Source players and Soulless beings (Soulless ones and Matrix entities) experience the illusionary state of being. We experience this dream state of time, space, and matter in duality settings.

This 3D illusionary game is a state of being that exists only in the minds of game characters. The game scenes and scenarios exist in the minds of characters, even avatars of characters exist in their own minds. That sounds complex but that is the real state of things.

The matrix control center feeds to us our scripts lines. Our minds interpret them as 3D experiences according to our belief system. That is why our subconscious is so important in this game. And that is why the matrix has been targeting our subconscious since we were children. Without that co-operation between our subconscious and the matrix, we would have won the game earlier.

Game administration

The Illusionary state of being is what we see when we open the eyes of our avatar bodies. It is what we hear, feel, sense, smell, and taste with the senses of our avatar bodies. The Illusionary state of being is made possible by our minds that interpret electrical signals as matter, space, and time. For our minds to do so, the belief system must be there to consolidate what our minds show us.

Thus, where our minds and beliefs are, our energies follow to empower or energize our creations. As long as our whole being is invested in what we perceive, the world around us seems real. 

To start the Self-discovery journey, Source players should realize that something is wrong around them. From there, at least one frequency body is not totally immersed in the game and it will start pulling up other frequency bodies.

The illusionary state of being is a state of physicality and duality. It is a 3-dimensional state of being. Everything that we can perceive, it is a projection of our Source fractal minds. In fact, in this matrix game, characters can perceive only in their minds. The game settings exist only in our minds; thus the whole universe and multiverse do not exist anywhere else but in our minds. 

Source players, Soulless beings in the Illusionary matrix game.

Both Source players and soulless beings look similar in this illusionary 3D state of being. All game characters perceive the same world, they do the same experiences. They are both acting out the matrix scripts fed to them by the matrix control center. The only exception is that Source players have the option to unlock the matrix scripts and create their own scripts. Since then they can experience the life of their choice, which was not possible with a locked script. 

There is a limited number of Source players in this game, as this game was only for best performance Source players. As a balancing mechanism, there are 5000 Soulless ones for every 1 Source player in this game. Most matrix entities easily come and go in and out of the matrix.

2. Physical state of being in Physical realm.

In the physical realm, it is where the real physicality and real physical bodies exist. In the physical realm, Both Source players and Soulless beings exist in the physical state. The physical realm is a kingdom of entities; thus they are the only guys who are free in the physical realm.

The physical state of being for Source players

Source players’ physical bodies in the physical realm, are in the real physical state of being. In the physical realm, Source players who are in this matrix game, their bodies are currently in a sleeping state hosted in pods. Source players’ physical bodies are hooked up to the matrix control center to experience this Illusionary matrix game. They do have awareness, consciousness, and minds, but in a sleeping state. 

 In the physical realm, Source players are not totally free as long as they are still playing this game. For them to be free they must win the game, that is why in this game, Source players are constantly searching for truth to set them free. Source players’ physical bodies do not age or decay because they are inhabited by Source fractals.

The physical state of being for Soulless Ones.

In the physical realm, Soulless ones as extensions of Source players, they are in the physical state of being. As well as Source players, soulless one’s bodies are encapsulated in pods and hooked up to the matrix. Soulless ones are made from Source players through the cloning system.  

Eventually, Soulless ones physical bodies do not generate energy and do not have life in them; therefore they must be on the matrix life support. In their physical state of being, Soulless ones do not have awareness, minds, and consciousness. They are in a vegetative state. In their physical state of being, their bodies have one life to live.

The physical state of being for matrix entities

Like all other game characters, In the physical realm matrix entities are in the physical state of being. Matrix entities have their physical bodies, and they have awareness. Though, they do not have Souls. The physical realm is a realm of entities, they are free.  They oversee a number of games running in the physical realm. Hence, they are the ones who run the matrix, the game we are currently playing. Matrix entities are able to stay in their awareness even in this matrix game of life.

They come in this game for a specific reason and they play the game in total awareness.  Though they play their game in lower frequencies, never in frequency level 5 and higher as they do not have souls. Indeed, there is a lot of entities in the lower frequency zones and activities of this matrix game. The main reason why they can come in this game is to harvest energies from source players.

So, as a Source player, it benefits you to leave the lower frequency zones and activities.  By doing that you will be able to save a lot of amount of energy you were losing in those lower frequency activities. To leave the lower frequency realm, you must stop eating meat as a starting point, then start playing your game by rules.

3. Oneness In Infinite Source.

The oneness state of being is a state of unity, wholeness, and purity. This is the state of Infinite Source and only Source fractals exist in this state of being. In that state of being, No Soulless ones, no matrix entities. But remember, nothing can exist out of Source, as Source is everything.

The oneness is the initial state of being of Source players.  Therefore, in that state of being There is only Infinite Source, nothing Physical or illusional. The oneness state of being is a state of boundless awareness and ecstasy.

In the oneness state of being, Source fractals have returned to their Source and are one with Infinite Source. As a matter of fact, in the oneness state of being, Source fractals can be everywhere at the same time. In that state of being Source, fractals are one with each other and with Infinite Source, aware of everything.  


To sum up, during the journey of remembrance of Source players, they will go through all those three states of being.  Depending on the Source player’s frequency level, each of the 3 states of being will have an impact on their way of thinking.  As a matter of fact, the States of being greatly influences Source players Consciousness level. In return, Consciousness level determines the quality of a Source player’s life experiences.

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