Meaning Of Birth In The Matrix Game Of Life vs The physical realm-For Source Players.

Universal script lines tell us that every lifetime of matrix game of life character starts with a birth and ends with a death. Is that true?  If it is true, what is the meaning behind. In this post I will briefly explain what a Source player should know about that.

Birth In The Matrix Game Of Life

According to the Universal script lines, almost every character as well as non-player character knows how, and what birth is. For non-player characters, what the matrix says is enough for them, but for Source players there is more to KNOW.I stressed the word KNOW for KNOWING, because this next step requires the knowing from Source, the matrix(science) will never tell you this.

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Birth For Source Players

For Source players, birth is a symbol of the start of a lifetime. A lifetime of approximately 100 years in the matrix game of life is a matter of few minutes in the physical realm. So, birth is the start of lifetime in a Source player’s game contract. Depending on the amount of energy a specific Source player had in reserve, a source player may have any number of lifetimes per clone body.

 I think I have mentioned in my previous posts that a Source player has many clone bodies to use in the matrix game of life. Every Source player has decided how many lifetimes he/she will have per every clone body of his/hers.

Therefore, every time a life script starts in the physical realm, it is symbolized by birth in the illusion of the matrix game of life. The end of a lifetime script is symbolized by death. And this goes on until lifetimes chosen for a specific clone body are over. In that case the cloned body is harvested, and source fractal returns to Source.

Should you still hold on to the fear of death? Well, we will discuss about that in the upcoming post.

Birth For Soulless Ones

Even though I am not going to spend a lot of time on this topic (there is much to say), I decided to share few things about it.

Every Non player character has only one lifetime to experience. And at the end of that lifetime, it is the game over, the clone body used to play that soulless script is harvested for specific purposes. That is the reason why non player characters are terrified when it comes to the topic of death. Their death is the game over.

Even though there is no reason for Source players to be afraid of death, the matrix works hard to program that illusion of “fear of death” among all Source players. 

That fear of death is programmed into Source players beliefs systems through different kind of Matrix programing channels like News media, religions to name few

Birth For Matrix Entities

Matrix entities do not follow the rules mentioned above as they use the soulless one’s bodies, or their own bodies to play the game. They can easily enter and exit the soulless ones’ physical bodies to experience the game. If a Source player choose to include them in his/her game, like when a source player goes in low-frequency zones, or participates in low-frequency activities, a source player will see them in human shapes. Do you remember that game assumption? That matrix game assumption says that:  Every character in this game will appear in a human shape”.  So, A source player will always see them in his/her game looking pretty much him/her. Did you know that Matrix entities are aware of everything in this game?  

Conceiving, Pregnancy And Childbirth In The Physical Realm

Conceiving symbolizes the harvest of spam and eggs in the physical realm. Every act of orgasm in this illusion, means the harvest of spam and eggs, and it is consenting to the cloning process. This is a thing every source player should keep in mind. What we see as orgasm in this game means something totally different in the physical realm. Every time a Source player has an orgasm, nothing much happens here, like in the night dreams. But in the Physical realm, it is the party. Source players’ eggs and spam are harvested, and by that action Source players put the stamp of approval on the cloning process. Of course, there is a huge loss of energy as well.

Those genetic materials harvested during orgasm, are brought to a grow facility, to grow up clone bodies. 9 months of pregnancy symbolize the period a cloned body spends in a grow facility for rapid growth.  After 9 months of rapid growth, a cloned body is mature enough to be hooked up to the game.  When a Source player is encapsulated into the pod and hooked up to the matrix game, a Source player starts to empower his/her game and in that process he/she starts feeding the matrix. Physical bodies that host Source players or Source fractals do not age or decay as they are given life by that fractal that inhabits them.

On contrary, when a Soulless one is hooked up to the game, that empty body is connected to the matrix life support system. Without that life support system those soulless ones’ bodies would decay right away.

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Every Matrix game character (Source player of Soulless one) plays the game on his/her own, in his/her pod. Every game character is linked to the matrix control center to be feed with his/ her life script through the thoughts stream. So, all relationships or human interaction in this game are pure illusions feed to the character’s mind.  Each matrix game character is in a sleeping state unable to leave the pod and interact with somebody else.

When a clone body is brought back from the grow facility, hooked up to the game, the life script feed starts and that is what the universal script call birth.  The beginning of a life script feed in the physical realm is the beginning of life in this illusion. In the matrix game/illusion, birth appears to us exactly like we were programmed to see it.  

This is a game, an illusion. Just be aware that what you were programmed to see, may be totally different from the real state of things.  

Thank you for reading, 

I would like to invite you to the second part of this post, coming up.  

I will be talking about Death and Fear of Death for Source players.  

All the best to you. 


1.The harvest of spams and eggs happens on the planet Saturn where Physical bodies are.

 2.Grow facilities are located on a cloaked moon

 3.Physical bodies that currently host Source players are located on Planet Saturn.

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