Physical Body-Game Piece And Avatar Body-Frequency Bodies: Part 2a

Hi everyone,

In this post, I am going to talk about your real physical body as a game piece. I will discuss about what is the avatar body, and how the physical-body was created. What is the role of our bodies? To conclude, I will share with you why your physical body is very precious to matrix controllers.

The avatar body.

The body you can see, and you think is you, it is your avatar in this matrix game of life. Your avatar is an exact representation of your real physical body sleeping in the physical realm. Except that your real physical body-game piece is double-headed. This avatar is an image on the screen of our Source Self mind.

For the purpose of the game, the avatar is connected to our game pieces by the Soul. Your avatar body is connected to your Source Self through the pineal gland. The matrix control center controls our avatars through a data stream in the form of thoughts via our minds.

At frequency level 5, a Source player can unlock his/her script then regain control of his/her mind and master her/his avatar. When a Source player is of a high enough frequency, he /she can entirely master her/his mind and avatar. That is called being a conscious creator.

It is just an image.

The avatar itself does not have the capacity to sense, feel, or perceive. It is just an image. Through our minds, we control our avatars. Like how a video gamer controls his/her avatar on the computer screen through the hand controller.

Your avatar seems to have eyes, ears, nose, etc. But it is not able to see, hear or smell. No image can have that ability. Everything is done by Us simultaneously. In a video game, the avatar does not see or hear, the gamer does it and control the avatar accordingly.

For someone who is limited to only see the avatar on the computer screen. He/she will think that the avatar is able to detect and react. But that is far from the truth. We are gamers, we control these avatars in the matrix game of life

We are not avatars.

In this game, we use these body-like avatars to experience the wonders of this magnificent game. The problem is, we forgot that we are gamers in this matrix game. We think that we are the avatars, that is where the ego comes in to play the game on our behalf.

The matrix does its best to make us believe that we are these avatars. It does it through different kinds of traps like materialism, relationships, problems, etc. And that is made possible by all types of programmings we get through Science, religion, family, education, traditions, cultures, etc.

The matrix will make sure Source players are distracted and focused on the game illusions instead of focusing on who they really are.     

The real physical body or game piece.

Our real physical bodies are biological machines. They are an exact match of our avatars in this game, except that they are double-headed. One head occupied by you and the other head occupied by another half of you, the so-called soulmate.

When we entered this game, our Source fractal was split into two. Both halves of your share one Soul. But in this game every half do its individual experiences, it has its game to play.

If you are a male, your soulmate is the female half of you and vice versa. One of the major steps of this game consists of reuniting your male and female together, to become whole and complete.

Our physical bodies do not age of decay because they are inhabited by our Source fractals. Real physical bodies are currently sleeping here on the planet Saturn. They are encapsulated in pods and hooked up to the matrix game.

Why our physical bodies-game pieces were created.

Before the creation of the matrix game of life. We were participating in other games in the physical realm. In one of those games, we were in charge of harvesting physical materials from mountain-like trees.

For that, Matrix entities created a physical machine to let us do the job. Entities created those physical machines from the products of those mountain-like trees.

After entities have created the Physical machine, we enter those machines. In fact, we gave life to those machines, then they become our vehicles. We used our vehicles for a while, harvesting mountain-like trees.

Why your real physical body- game piece is very important to Entities.

The products we were harvesting were very precious to those entities. Entities were using those products for different types of purposes including drugs, commerce, and doing business with other planets.

We harvested everything until there is nothing left. The only material left was our Physical bodies. Matrix entities consider our physical bodies as the remaining of their products supply. That is why our Physical bodies are precious to those entities.  

For us, these physical bodies do not really mean anything important, because we are not those bodies, we are Source. As a matter of fact, for us, those physical bodies are tools to use in our games.

We harvested everything until there is nothing left. The only material left was our Physical bodies. Matrix entities consider our physical bodies as the remaining of their products supply. That is why our Physical bodies are precious to those entities.  

For us, these physical bodies do not really mean anything important, because we are not those bodies, we are Source. As a matter of fact, for us, those physical bodies are tools to use in our games.

Why you need a physical body-game piece

At the end of the last game, we decided to create the matrix game. We set up our Physical bodies as one of the remuneration systems for the entities who were going to run the show for us. That is why there no benevolent entities in the matrix game of life. It is the only reason nothing is free in this game.

Every experience that a Source player does, there is a harvest on his /her real physical body. Some experiences are high energy-consuming than others. For example, a happy experience is less energy consuming than an unhappy experience.

Energy spent on happy experiences is automatically retrievable at the end of the day. Whether the unhappy experience is high energy consuming and not retrievable. All energies spent on unhappy experiences are lost forever as they are deducted from your reserve tank.

A pay to play game.

We created the matrix game and let matrix entities be in charge of the game. Those entities are currently running the show under the control of the Demiurge. The demiurge is an Artificial intelligence created by us to manage the game.

When the material we were harvesting in the last game was finished. The remaining of them is our physical bodies. Our physical bodies are remaining of old precious products to matrix entities. It is now used as a remuneration system to matrix controllers.

 The matrix harvests our bodies every time we consent to it, and it will get our consents by all means. Especially from those who are not aware of the situation, Still sleeping, Source players.

The matrix harvests your physical body-game piece.

When we entered this game, our minds were wiped. Hence, we do not remember everything about our Soul contracts. We forgot the rules we set to play this game. This is a good thing for the matrix. It will give the right to the matrix to harvest your physical body game piece anytime you consent to given choices due to ignorance.

Other than harvesting your physical body game piece, your reserve tank is also charged for the experiences you do in this game. And before the game was won, the matrix was harvesting our spam/eggs and a part of our souls as well. Thanks to the winner of the game.

Avatar vs physical body-game piece.

Your avatar is used as a vessel or vehicle for your experiences in this matrix game of life. in the physical realm, it is used to house the Soul. The soul is what hosts us/ our Source fractals. Without our Synergy cells in those bodies, they are not different from Soulless ones. It is Our Source fractals that give life to those bodies.

When we decided to enter this matrix game, our bodies were considered as one of the game pieces. They are currently encapsulated in pods and hooked up to the matrix. The matrix control center feeds our scripts to us through a steady stream of thoughts. Directing us where and when to go, what to do, and how to do it. Moreover, getting consent from us in each and every turn.

Everything is an illusion

I hope it will not surprise you to know that your avatar body and the whole world around you do not exist. Everything you may perceive is a dream in your Source self mind. If it is hard for you to grasp this idea, try to imagine the following.

Think about the vivid night dream you have ever heard… In that dream did you remember that you have this body sleeping in your bed? Did you remember if your bed, your room, your house, your city, or your country exist? When you wake up, where did everything and everyone go? And especially where did your dream body go? It is pretty the same in this dream game in which we are.

This is a dream game, when a Source player believes that this game is real, He/she has fallen to the main trap of the matrix. That only trap will influence the whole game experience. The Matrix will get all kinds of consents through traps, lies, and attachments.

To be continued…

Thank you for your time

I will see you next time.

All the best!



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