Physical Body-Game Piece And Avatar Body-Frequency Bodies: Part 2b

Hi everyone,

In this post, I am going to share with you 2 matrix rules that strongly affect your physical body game piece. I will go into relative details about how implied consents affect your real physical body-game piece. I will discuss how to raise the frequency of your physical body-game piece. And to conclude, I will give you some tips to help you distinguish between Truth and matrix lies.


Playing against the rules of the game affect all frequency bodies. Every time a Source player participate in lower frequency activities, all frequency bodies are affected. But some frequency bodies are strongly affected depending on the type of activity. The following are the main rules of the game you must obey, otherwise, you will pay a lot. Those two rules affect your physical body game piece directly.   

No meat and physical body game piece

Not Eating meat is one of the major rules of this game. It is only a rule of the game, it does not have to do with animal compassion or saving the planet. Those are conspiracies aiming to harvest energy from you. Not eating meat is a rule of the game we set while designing the matrix game of life.

In the physical realm, matrix entities know who we are, and they know that we are different from them. So, each time we consume animals flesh we become like them. And we are marked as one of them until we revoke that activity.

Eating meat is a big deal in this game. When a Source player eats meat, it is a consent to be eaten or to be harvested. When a player of Source eats meat, he/she is marked as a beast. Therefore, he is treated as a beast.

The cost of eating meat on the physical game piece

Eating meat is major consent in this game, and it has foremost repercussions on a Source player’s physical body. When you consent through eating meat, many things happen, Including tremendous loss of energy for your reserve tank. What is applied to the physical body is that the matrix entities will harvest your precious blood from your real physical body.

Normally, our physical bodies in the physical realm do not need to be fed, as they are inhabited by our Source fractals. But when you eat meat, the matrix drains your reserve tank, then matrix controllers harvest your blood. That makes you need a nourishment.

In the physical realm, there no other source of food excepts your clones. Therefore, they feed you with your clones. As you have eaten animals and you consented to be eaten. You consented to give your precious energy to the matrix, and you are fed with your junk clones. Think twice about that every time you think of consuming animals.

Nothing really happens

The activity of eating meat is just a data stream in your Source self-Mind. When you eat meat, nothing beneficial really happens here in the game. The image is not capable of eating whatever it is. Nothing beneficial happens in the physical realm either.

The only thing that happens is a loss of energy and blood, plus you become a beast and eat your clones. Remember, this is a dream state game. It is only data being fed into your mind.


Try to imagine the following. “You have a dream machine at home, that can feed to you what dreams you want to have. Then, You ask someone to run that machine. After that, you enter the dream state, and you start dreaming. Imagine if the one who is controlling the dream machine needs consent from you to have access to your belongings.  

 For example, When the controller needs your TV, he will feed into your mind dreams that will convince you to consent to that.  For instance, he may convince you to watch a certain TV show which is fun in the dreaming life. But that may mean something different in the waking life. Watching TV in the dream world may mean you give away your Television set to the controller in the waking world. This is how things work people! We are always consenting to something, aware or not.

Eating meat, Matrix game vs Physical realm

What we see here in the matrix game dream state does not mean the same thing in the physical realm. That is why you as a Source player you need to play by rules.

As an illustration, eating meat is a big deal for Source players. That craving for meat injected in your mind does not have to cost you a tremendous amount of energy and blood. It is just data fed to your mind. In fact, once you decide to eat meat, nothing happens at this end. But at the other end where you really are, it is terrible.

Having orgasm and your physical body game piece

Orgasm is another thing we should examine with precaution.

Considering our last example: Imagine if the dream machine controller wants to take your kids from you in the real life. Then he/she feeds you images of attractive men or women convincing you to have fun with them in the dream world. And when you say yes, the control will claim your kids as his or hers. I hope you get the idea here.  

In this matrix game of life dream state, orgasm means fun. In the physical realm, orgasm means fun for entities. Because it is time for matrix entities to harvest your physical body. But in the physical realm, orgasm is ruinous to Source players.

By that consent of orgasm, Source players lose a tremendous amount of energy and blood. And prior to the win of the game, Source players were losing eggs/spams, and part of their souls.

The costs of Implied consents on your game piece

Killing or having others killing for you to eat it is the lowest frequency activity in this game.  All types of orgasms and being consumed by sexual desires are lower frequency activities as well.

Both Eating meat and having an orgasm have a devastating impact on your physical body game piece. You cannot raise your frequency as long as you are still participating in those activities. Because your energy is automatically drained every time you participate in those activities. Your reserve tank is all the time getting lower due to those activities.

The frequency of your physical body-game piece   

Unfortunately, with low energy in your reserve tank, you cannot do much. Your reserve tank determines your expiration date, as well as frequency level. In return, Your frequency level determines your life experiences.

On the top of the Initial harvest of your physical body. The worst of participating in the lower frequency activities is that you create additional attachments. Those entity attachments are like energy tubes that keep draining your energy until you cut them out.

Raise the frequency of your game piece

Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial for you as a Source player. You as a Source player you should mind your choices about eating meat and having orgasms.

In this Illusionary game, eating meat, or having an orgasm, like all other activities that we do, nothing happens here. It is just like when you dream about any other activity in your night dreams.

On the contrary, in the physical realm, your physical body emits a signal of consent. Then matrix entities start having fun with your precious energy. Can you imagine that!

Start observing your thoughts and when any urge of eating meat or having an orgasm comes up, stop it as fast as you can. Otherwise, it cost you a lot.   

Physical body- game piece-Rules of the game

Every time a Source player plays against the rule of the game, the cost is huge. It does not matter if it is consuming alcohol, drugs, and smoking, holding on to unforgiveness and leaving the now.

Furthermore, that is not all, other types of consent like participating in all kinds of killings. Beware of participating in religions and spiritual paths, rituals, and ceremonies. They are all traps for you to consent to something you are not aware of.

What you should be aware of

The matrix does not want you to know the truth about who you really are and what this game is about. If every Source player were able to achieve that, we would have won the game earlier. But it took us thousands of thousands of matrix years until we get to this point where the game was won. Thanks to the winner of the game.

We tried many times and each time we failed the game. We have fallen for the traps of the matrix each time we tried.

Truth Vs Lies

To distinguish Infinite Source Truth vs matrix lies, you should keep this in mind:

Lies will not mention that this game is unreal

Matrix Lies will not reveal the rules of the game

Lies will try to mix things up, to confuse you

Matrix Lies will not talk about the big deal of eating meat, having orgasms, alcohol, and drugs

Lies will not mention the big deal of leaving the now, Etc.

The only thing you need

You as a Source player you do not need anything else. The only thing you need is to remember who you are and get connected to your Source self.

To do that you are required to stop eating meat as the starting point. That alone will help you to raise your frequency. Remember, Only Infinite Source Self can guide you in this game.

Thank you for your time,

I will see you next time.

All the best!


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